New laser printer - advice needed

  byfordr 17:06 06 Dec 2003


My Dad is in the market for a mono laser printer. Can anyone suggest a good one for up to £300. He needs to print out lots of pages at a time.

Any advice as always is gratefully received.



  Sir Radfordin 18:11 06 Dec 2003

Most printers I know of can only print one page at a time ;)

By lots what do you mean? 10, 20, 300, 1000?

PC World have a Samsung IZZY and Staples the Samsung 1210 for about £50 at the moment. Loads of people are happy with these for basic laser printing.

Otherwise my choice would be any of the HP range.

  byfordr 18:38 06 Dec 2003

100+ pages

I was going to pick him up a samsung ml1210 for a short term fix. (Until the toner runs out)

Got a few ideas, but don't really buy lasers that often so just thought I'd sound out you guys


  Diemmess 12:19 07 Dec 2003

My Epson EPL-5800 gives amazingly sharp accurate copy, with nice intermediate tones ...............But paper transport is NOT its strong point. I doubt if I have ever asked it to print more than 30 copies at a time, but it can be relied on to mishandle the paper sooner or later and though undocumented directions for cleaning the feed mechanism work, I can never depend on it to print multiple copies unattended.

  steve0 12:57 07 Dec 2003

Have a lot of laserjet 1200s at work and home. Seem quite reliable and 1200dpi output looks very sharp

  spuds 14:44 07 Dec 2003

If you have a PC World store nearby, I would suggest a visit. They seem to have a range from about £50.00 to the upper 'trade'business range of £400.00. Would also suggest that you have a browse at eBuyer, Dabs,PCW, Simply, Scan websites for a further consideration.

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