New laptop - Standard or Ultrabook?

  Electronic_Eric 16:29 15 Jan 2013


I'm planning on buying a new laptop within the next month or so. Now i just can't decide on whether i should buy a normal fat laptop or an ultrabook. Now i can't decide because i just don't know enough about ultrabooks and at the moment i just can't see the information that i'm looking for.

So i have a few questions:

Apart from the fact that there is no CD/DVD drive, are there any other differences?

Is the RAM upgradable in ultrabooks? For the price of them, they seem to lack in the RAM department. So i'm likely to upgrade it in the very near future.

Since there is no CD/DVD drive, how do people go about wiping the harddrive and installing a fresh copy of Windows on to the machine?

What are the inbuilt speakers like? Are they very similar to fat laptop speakers?

What is the performance of them like compared to fat laptops? I don't know why but because they're substantially thinner than normal fat laptops, it makes want to think they can't perform as well. I'm looking for something that does more than just load webpages and word processing.

And lastly, are they're any brands to avoid because of some common issues? Like 3-4 years ago where the graphics chip on the majority of HP Pavilion laptops burnt out.

Just to let you know that i plan to spend between £600-£700 on the new purchase. So you know the quality of laptop i'm looking for. And before anyone suggests a MacBook, please don't because i'm not interested in any Apple product. :)

Any advice and help is very much appreciated! As to me this is a large purchase.

  john bunyan 13:54 16 Jan 2013

This link shows a few ultrabooks. You could buy a portable USD DVD reader for installing programmes.I think the keyboards may be a bit smaller so maybe have a look at that feature.I do not think many laptops or ultrabooks have very good speakers but, again there are USB add ons.


  Woolwell 21:54 16 Jan 2013

Do you require greater portability than a normal laptop? If not I suggest you stick with a standard laptop.

  dray.leo 00:18 24 Jan 2013

i'm stuck in the same dilemma, i need to purchases a new laptop, but i can't decide between an ultrabook or normal laptop, and there seems to be no help out there. I need a laptop to do more that your basic causal computer usage but the portability and battery life of an ultrabooks has me hook. I don't want to sacrifice power and performance and i need some with highend processing power for my job, so basically i need to know how powerful is an ultrabook? what aspect of software will it be capable of pushing? would be be powerful enough to run Photoshop, chief architect, blender, sound and video editor etc ? ? ?

PS: Hell no to MAC books

  Woolwell 11:53 24 Jan 2013

dray.leo, at the risk of hijacking this thread, I suggest that your question is impossible to answer without knowing the specs of the machine and the required specs for your purposes. Ultrabook and laptop specs vary according to processor, graphics, etc.

  sunnystaines 10:54 25 Jan 2013

i have been looking too find that ultrabooks are expensive compared to similar spec in a laptop you are just paying for the lighterweight and lack of dvd in my opinion.

  wee eddie 15:32 25 Jan 2013

Ultrabooks usually usually have no Disk Drive, but have an SSD Hard Drive, longer Battery Life, shorter Start-up Times (because of the SSD), are virtually silent, thinner and lighter.

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