New laptop required - can't decide

  Borderz17 13:15 27 Apr 2017


As the above says I'm in the process of buying a laptop. Want to buy it asap as current one is on its last legs.

I want a laptop with good speakers (i'm partially deaf), good storage and speedy. I use my laptop for writing, internet use, trying to learn photoshop and listening to music/watching netflix etc. Would like backlit keyboard too and for it not to be too heavy.

i do also like a little bit of gaming but not something I do very frequently, but would like something at least capable of it. (i.e Sims 4 has been my limit thus far).

A bit foxed by all the choice since I last looked, and found these but not sure if any good or if there's better alternatives for longevity etc.,

hp laptop

Or this one:

Acer laptop

Are there better alternatives? Can pay a max of £800 ideally, maybe a tiny bit of movement at top price. Thank you.

  wee eddie 14:41 27 Apr 2017

Forget the Speakers. Get headphones, "Cans" to the cognoscenti, then you won't get complaints from others, no matter how loud you have it

  rickf 17:05 27 Apr 2017

the hp has a better graphics card.

  Forum Editor 12:20 01 May 2017

I'm a big Acer fan - I know them for reliability - but rickf is right, the HP machine has a better graphics processor. Important in a gaming machine.

I'm in agreement with wee eddie on the headphones, particularly in view of your hearing issue.

Before you make a decision, take a look at this.

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