New laptop for a photographer

  DAnderton 11:41 03 Dec 2014

Hello, I am looking to buy a new laptop and I need some guidance. It will be used for Photoshop CS6 with large files and Bridge. My budget is £350. I have been looking at the Lenovo Fles 2 14" ( click here ). A touchscreen was one of my non-negotiables but I am unsure if the touchscreen will work with Photoshop, could anyone tell me if they have also had this problem? It will also need to be portable and have a decent quality screen so I am able to take it to interviews to show my digital portfolio. Does anyone have any recommendations for what they'd go for if they were in my position?

  chub_tor 16:09 03 Dec 2014

Have you checked out the Adobe forums for Photoshop CS6 and touchscreens ? Some interesting results here

  john bunyan 18:36 03 Dec 2014

I use CS5, but mainly on a desktop with a separate monitor and mouse. I also have it on a laptop - fine for showing but for editing I think it would need at the very least a separate monitor; a 14" screen is too small. I do not see any point in using a touchscreen with Photoshop. You would need a USB HD to back up and to use as a "scratch disc" on occasions as the RAM may be stretched sometimes.

  DAnderton 20:40 03 Dec 2014

After looking at the Adobe forum I won't be getting a touchscreen laptop.I already have a USB HD, how much RAM will I need in order to not need a scratch disk? Will the Intel Core i5 run Photoshop sufficiently?

  hssutton 22:58 03 Dec 2014

I run CS6 on an i5 + 16Gb ram W7 64 bit, but I also have two SSD scratch disks. My system flies with raw file sizes from my Canon DSLRs around the 25 Mg mark, my raw files are converted to Tiffs and forwarded to CS6 from Lightroom the Tiffs being in the 115Mg region. I've never really checked by how much my SSD scratch disks improve the speed of processing, but I suspect the improvement is not substantial.

I never use a external Hard drive when editing as these usually slow down the process. I do of course back-up to an extenal when I'm not processing my photographic files.

Just prior to to posting this I was editing 120 raw files from my nature trip this morning, at times with as many as 10/20 115Mg Tiffs open in Photoshop at any one time with no lack of processing speed.

For what it's worth I would agree that using a touch screen for editing photos is not a very good idea, as trying to edit high quality images with finger prints all over the screen would IMO be very difficult.

  jamessara 12:07 04 Dec 2014

Here iam using the new laptop so that i need a photo editing software i searched many sites but i didnt so can you please help for me i got some sites which about that all are photo editing but i dontknow which one to download adobe photoshop, pixlr and amira photo animation

  john bunyan 15:12 04 Dec 2014


If you want to try out a good free one, I suggest from here:

Filehippo paint

If you want paid for software with a view to, later going further, then Photoshop Elements 13 at about £75 is available

Amazon Photoshop

The "professional" Photoshop such as CS5 and 6 is only available on monthly subscription but used to cost over £500 - £600 so unless you are ready I would work your way up 1.,2. Photoshop Elements.

  hssutton 20:33 04 Dec 2014

Apparently Photoshop CS2 is available as a free download, albeit not via Adobe. The learning curve is a little steep, especially when compared to the excellent Paint.Net, but well worth persevering with.

Adobe Photoshop CS2

  DAnderton 20:57 04 Dec 2014

Getting back on track, so it is still realistic to buy a laptop for around £400 that will run full Photoshop CS6? Also would this laptop be suited for the job? click here

  hssutton 11:05 05 Dec 2014

IMO the answer is no,it's not realistic. When you consider many 'photographers' run two 24-30inch monitors on relative high end computers to edit their images a 13.3 inch screen is a bit of a joke. I'm just an amateur photographer, but wouldn't dream of editing my raw files on a laptop. I do take my 17in laptop with me when away, but just for viewing purposes.

I assume you do shoot in raw and not Jpeg. Obviously if you shoot in Jpeg then most of the editing is carried out in camera which obviously reduces the amount of computing power required. Also if you are going to use CS6 CC then you would not require large storage capacity as all your files would be in the cloud.

I guess at the end of the day only you can decide whether you can manage with a basic laptop with a 13.3in screen, but I doubt any prospective client would be impressed.

  jamessara 03:04 20 Dec 2014

I have downloaded and installed it is having best features iam very happy by editing my own pics and my family group photos but my pc beacame some what slow what should i do now can you help me.

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