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  Phate 07:38 04 Mar 2004

I am currently looking at purchasing a new computer before September of next year, and wanted your advice and comments on the issue.

I have a budget of about £3000, and being a hardcore gamer am looking currently at opting for a Alienware system (click here).

Would I be better off spending this money on a new laptop or desktop system (I'm not that sure as although desktops are a lot better for latest components and upgradeability; laptops would be a lot better for general portability.)

Secondly, looking at some of the previous posts on Alienware systems, Gandalf |:-)> said, and I quote "Rather expensive methinks. I assume that you live in the States because if you live in the UK there are much better systems here."

If this is the case, I would appreciate all comments and suggestions on what system I should opt for.

Finally, I am currently thinking of waiting until about March of next year before purchasing; in order to accomadate for the newer technologies that Intel will be releasing in the not too distant future, as well as for the release of the long- awaited Longhorn OS. What are your opinions on this i.e. should I buy the system now, or wait?

Accept my apoligies for the long post,


  Diodorus Siculus 07:55 04 Mar 2004

Whenever you spend £3000 you will get the most uptodate hardware; within 6 months it will be surpassed by something more powerful.

My advice would be to spend a percentage of the money on a good quality machine now, while retaining some funds for upgrading as newer components become available.

It will be easy to upgrade your graphics card, RAM, processor etc as necessary if you purchase a good quality motherboard now.

Sound cards / speaker systems for gamers are pretty good now and it is unlikely they will see any dramatic improvments within the next year or so.

Finally, purchase a good monitor - the best you can afford as that will be your main user interface for many years to come.

Good luck, Dio.

PS if you want to spend some of that 3 grand on consultancy, you know where I am! :-}

  Diodorus Siculus 08:03 04 Mar 2004

By the way, a 3 grand laptop will not be particularly good for gaming and has no viable upgrade options open to it.

  obbit 18:00 04 Mar 2004

if u sit for long periods at the keyboard then a pc would be better than a laptop

  Phate 18:17 04 Mar 2004

whilst trying to configure an alienware system to meet my needs I keep exceeding the £3000 budget by about £800.

I know they're expensive top-of-the-range systems but hell, this is kind of ridiculous!

Also, I was thinking of opting for their 20inch NEC LCD monitor - what are your views on this?

Finally, I don't want to fuel an age old debate but would I be better of going for Intel or AMD technoligies for gaming purposes?

Thanks again

  byfordr 18:39 04 Mar 2004

I still think a decent CRT is better for Gaming than a TFT. A decent 19" Iiyama 454 is about £260
or if you have space a 21 or 22"

Why not try mesh click here or evesham click here Alienware are nice but overpriced

For about £1600 you should be able to get as near to fastest computer, before performance for price decreases. Add a decent monitor. Six months later buy yourself another computer without a monitor or upgrade. That way you won't pay over the top for performance, and will have a nice fresh pc when technology moves on.


  citadel 18:43 04 Mar 2004

btx systems with pci express are due out these will be faster than current systems. I am sure Alienware will be one of the first to release a new monster to stir up the gaming world. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

  byfordr 18:47 04 Mar 2004

Something like a dell click here with a few tweaks isn't a bad start if you want a big TFT
evalue code 200 d53rev again retain the monitor get something tastier or upgrade in 6 months


  Phate 19:47 04 Mar 2004

Am thinking that I will stay with Alienware, solely because they offer outstanding components, and the aesthetics of their machines can't be matched anywhere else.

Will also wait for btx systems with pci express to enter the market, for reasons stated by Citadel.

Checked out the Mesh and Evesham sites but think I will stick with Alienware, for various reasons.

Thanks for all the input

  Rayuk 18:02 05 Mar 2004

Cannot understand your thinking

outstanding components=can be bought from other companies[they dont actually state manufacturers names on all their components]

aesthetics=comes down to your own personal taste

cant be matched anywhere else=to me they seem overpriced

  Phate 20:29 05 Mar 2004

All of the points you mentioned Rayuk are more than relevant, and have been raised before by almost every review or debate I have visited about Alienware machines.

I will definitely take all advice on board before making my final decision; hence the reason for my original post.

In terms of outstanding components, the reason I decided to stay with alienware is because they offer the latest high tech components, as well as apparently unbeatable support (although this may be open to debate). They are highly recommended by the gaming community, and so I think I will stick with them (unless somebody can show me a suitable alternative).

Finally, recent TFT models seem to match those of CRT monitor rivals - although correct me if i'm wrong.

Hope this clears things up a bit and thanks for all comments and input,


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