New laptop - Help please

  yorkie19 14:46 11 Mar 2010

We're looking at getting a new laptop at home. I'm trying to compare 3 different laptops on the Tesco site, and not getting very far.

One is an E-machines E430 3GB RAM, 250GB Hard drive. It's memory speed is 667Mhz. It has an AMD Sempron processor and an ATI Radeon 4200 Graphics card.

The other two are Toshibas. One is the L450-18D and the other is the L500-1XM. Both have Intel GMA 4500 graphics cards, and 1066 memory speeds. The L500 has a free memory slot. They both run Intel Celron processors.

Details here (I think)

click here

Any thoughts?

  ame 15:40 11 Mar 2010

Depends what you will use it for. I'd go for a Toshiba as they have a good reliability reputation. This site click here is good for comparing cpu and graphics card speeds, etc.

  The Kestrel 16:54 11 Mar 2010

What about the new Core i3 laptop from Dell. PCA gives it a good review click here and it costs a smidgen under £400.

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