New laptop - advice needed

  byfordr 17:06 06 Dec 2003


My Dad is in the market for a new laptop. He wants something with a minimum of 15” screen, I figure 512mb memory (so xp doesn’t run too much like a dog) A built in CD burner/DVD player would be a definite advantage. Weight isn’t too much of a problem. Neither is graphics card although something is preferable to nothing (He doesn’t play the games) Wireless can be added in later in need be. Price range somewhere between £800 to £1200.

Any advice as always is gratefully received.



  Sir Radfordin 18:10 06 Dec 2003

Search the last few pages of the consumerwatch and you'll find there have been several discussions on this over the last few weeks.

If weight isn't a problem then you've got a massive market. PC World have some good deals so that may be a good starting point.

Technoworld click here are one of the best suppliers I've had dealings with so have a look around their site.

Laptops tend to be built by a few companies and rebadged by the rest so there often isn't much to choose from.

My suggestion is have a look yourself and see what you/your dad likes and then post back with a shortlist of about 5.

  wee eddie 22:32 06 Dec 2003

You'll have to visit PCW - Sorry about that crack but it was too good a chance to pass up.

Seriously. I feel that the most critical part of a laptop is it's display, but to find the most suitable one for your recipient, you will have to go and browse. 'Cos the adverts are most coy on that matter and personal taste can vary on the colour definition.

  Sir Radfordin 23:47 06 Dec 2003

A visit to PCW once in a while is good for everyone ;)

As you point out, a laptop is something you want to have a 'feel' for before buying so even if you have no plan of shopping in PCW (lovely as they are an all that) it is a good place for Window (no pun intended) shopping!

  byfordr 16:09 07 Dec 2003

;-) I will be duely dragging him around PC World, not too many pc shops around Worthing!

I figured a decent display was vital, although he intends using a external monitor while at home. In the end I'm going to see what the likes of Dell, Evesham, Systemax and Mesh do. Multivision have tempting prices, but I haven't seen much evidence that the support is up to much.

Failing that something like Samsung, Sony or a Tosh, possible even Acer.

Thanks as always for all the advice.

  wee eddie 16:38 07 Dec 2003

Make sure it can support dual display and not just an identical image.

  kbo64 04:18 13 Dec 2003

My Advent Laptop from Dixons/Currys/PC world has never been any trouble. Some people with AMD have USB agro.


  powerless 06:40 13 Dec 2003

This baby went and ordered this click here

But they start @ click here

  Smiler 18:09 13 Dec 2003

Have you got a branch of staples near you if so take a look here click here

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