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  tobeloy 19:39 19 May 2010

My 8yr old toshiba is on its last legs and I am looking to upgrade to something that will do me for about 5 years or so.

I am a bit rusty on latest technology so any advice is appreciated, I have a few laptops in mind and opinions on these systems would be good.

I use the laptop for mainly internet, admin stuff, watching movies and tv progs like on iplayer etc, I also listen to some music and play games but i am not a huge gamer so am not looking for a gaming system however if I wanted to play a game then it would be good to have some decent gfx to do so.

I have been solely looking at Asus & Toshiba as my old system was so reliable and I only had to repair the jack on it, these 2 brands come out on top of most reliable too.

Here are the 3 systems I have looked at,

click here

click here

click here

I have £800 to spend as I wanted something thats quite tech advanced for the next few years, its also a sort of desktop replacement so a bigish screen was a must, my old system had a 17 inch screen.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

  The Kestrel 22:09 19 May 2010

What about this Dell laptop. click here~~ It's inside your budget and has a higher spec processor than either the Toshiba or Asus you are looking at.

  chub_tor 11:46 20 May 2010

You have a duplicate thread running click here

  naineysman 23:26 25 May 2010

for that money you want a macbook pro, no question.

Go to the Apple education site for a small discount.

click here

  naineysman 23:27 25 May 2010

sorry that was a macbook link, macbook pro is about £940

  tobeloy 21:31 27 May 2010

thanks for the suggestions and am going through them, I have decided against a mac, am now wondering if I will get more for my money by going for a lesser known brand and buying an extended warranty....I have to say though toshiba one of best around but dont get your money worth.....confused

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