New laptop advice

  Steve-1354672 12:15 14 May 2009

Hi there,
I am looking for some advice on buying a new laptop - i am bit clueless on this.

I have around £400 to spend, and the laptop would be used just for basic home stuff, internet, email, music download, photos..nothing overly fancy.

Anyone know of any good deals at the moment? Or best places to look?

Also, what are the things i should be looking out for?


  Covergirl 12:51 14 May 2009

. . . for a friend. This one click here=

17" Widescreen, 2.16Ghz dual core, 160GB HDD, VHB, 5 card reader, onboard shared graphics . . .

Very quick and easy to set up. Very good "Restore Disc" creation. Nice & fast, clear picture etc etc . . . .

I think any laptop round about the £400 mark would do what you're after, but this one seems quite good value.

  user8 14:58 14 May 2009

Toshiba are best.
Good builds & support if you need them.
On my 2nd Toshiba & about to buy a 3rd!
Have a look at Staples click here
Or even at PCWorld at click here:(any):(any):(any):(any):150:1950:PageNo_0:SortOrder_DOWN

  Steve-1354672 15:25 14 May 2009

Thanks for your advice!

The Toshiba Satellite L300-1DN Laptop looks good, but i don't get it - it is only c.£350 at Staples, but everywhere else i look it up it is £420 odd? Curry's is an example click here

Am i missing something!!?

  Covergirl 08:04 15 May 2009

They both look like the same machine to me. You'll have to go for it as it's good value esp. with VHP, albeit with the smaller 15.4" screen.

Toshiba is a good brand, laptops used exclusively in the company I work for.

  Steve-1354672 08:20 15 May 2009

That's great - thanks. One final questions..what is VHP??


  Why wont it work 10:30 15 May 2009

VHP= vista home premium. That's the operatin system you ideally want to go for, some cheaper systems come with vista home basic- which is essentially a cut down version, and not worth getting unless you absolutely have to.

  wjrt 14:26 15 May 2009

think you are on staples business site and showing price ex vat but when you add the vat it is still just under £400 and still a good price

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