New Laptop

  interzone55 22:14 15 Oct 2011

I've just bought a new laptop after my elderly Toshiba Satellite became more trouble than it's worth.

I found an absolute bargain, only £299 for an ASUS laptop, 15" screen, Core i3 CPU, 3gb RAM etc.

Came loaded with Windows 7 SP1, but now I'm downloading almost 600mb of Windows Updates, good job I've got a 10mbit/s unlimited connection.

Anyway, now I've got the exciting job of loading all my software back in, and my documents and stuff, should take me the rest of the weekend to get it set up...

  robgf 22:26 15 Oct 2011

I have always wondered why manufacturers don't update their Windows image, so that it is more, or less up to date for their customers. It would make far more sense for them to do this once, than for all the customers to update individually.

Rather you, than me, reloading all your software and data, I hate doing that. Although I try to use portable versions nowadays, so I just have one partition image to transfer.

  Aitchbee 12:38 16 Oct 2011

Don't forget to make backups, once your happy with your set up. My sister's new laptop went belly-up last week.No discs came with the package. It was an Acer Aspire 5742z. She took it back to Argos, they are now rectifying the problem.Should be ready in 14 days. (It did come with backup software - and prompts to make backups)

  Woolwell 12:53 16 Oct 2011

alan14 - Which model and where did you get it? I know someone who wants a laptop at around that price.

  interzone55 16:18 16 Oct 2011


It's this one

It was £369 yesterday, with a price of £299 online, that is matched instore if you reserve it, I now notice it's been dropped to £299.97 in store

  Woolwell 16:32 16 Oct 2011

Thank you.

  Aitchbee 16:35 16 Oct 2011

alan14 - I am being too sensitive to your last response - when you say "it has now been 'dropped' to a lower price"...are you using subliminal suggestions.Laptops, tea-cups, plates, for that matter, that are accidently dropped on to a hard surface, usually, break to smithereens! Good luck with your new laptop.Don't drop it :O)

  wiz-king 17:01 16 Oct 2011

I think the £xxx.97 indicate an 'end of line' product, soon to be replaced by a newer model.

  interzone55 17:01 16 Oct 2011


Nope, I just mean the price has been reduced

  interzone55 17:04 16 Oct 2011


It's already been replaced, but according to the PCW staff the new model isn't selling well at all, as it's a fairly bright red.

  Forum Editor 17:36 16 Oct 2011

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