New Laptop

  steve263000 10:25 28 Oct 2009

Like others in here, now that Windows 7 has arrived I am thinking of replacing my aging XP Desktop with a new shiny Laptop. I will never play games but will process a lot of photos and the usual emailing and browsing. My budget is around the £500 mark give or take a few quid. There are plenty in Currys or PC World at that price range but is that the best deal? I will need finance on it as well.

Also I have thousands of photos on the old desktop and saved on a plug in hard drive. My idea would be to process the photos on my new one and then use the old one to save them on. Is that practical? Or are the two systems not able to save in the same format. I always use JPEG by the way as most of mine are just for web use.

  steve263000 10:30 28 Oct 2009

The biggest screen possible for this one by the way as it will replace my desktop and do very little traveling.

  GaT7 18:23 28 Oct 2009

Have a look at eBuyer's offerings as well - 17" models start at just under £400 click here. For finance details click here.

Yes, it's always wise to have more than one copy of your photos/other important data stored on a separate drive/media. They will save in whichever format your photo editing software is capable of - the common jpeg format will not be problem. G

  steve263000 07:03 29 Oct 2009

Thanks Crossbow7 I had forgotten about Ebuyer. I have used them before and always had good service. When I am ready I will certainly give them a look as the Acer looked very good value.

  Ex plorer 15:46 29 Oct 2009

Have a look hear click here
I bought mine here and so did my son, gives you all manner of options to look at like you we had a budgets.

  steve263000 07:16 30 Oct 2009

Thanks for the link Ex plorer. I like the way that you can pick the bits you want before you get the choices. It just leaves you with a deal in the choice you want. I will go back there again before I choose.

  ape3000 17:02 02 Nov 2009

Try to see what prices you can get from suppliers. If you tell them what you need, and a budget they will send you some offers.

  ape3000 17:02 02 Nov 2009

sorry -

  steve263000 02:25 10 Nov 2009

This click here seems a pretty good deal from Comets or am I missing something? Any thoughts on this one. It would see for the price to have all I need and I will be having a look this weekend. If anyone has one I would appreciate your thoughts.

  GaT7 13:24 10 Nov 2009

That does indeed look good for the money & your basic usage. G

  steve263000 16:51 13 Nov 2009

I have finally purchased the item in the above link so thanks to all that responded. I have posted again in the 'problems' forum with a small query.

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