New ipodtouch - update cost.

  oldbeefer2 11:39 15 Nov 2008

My family bought me an ipod for my birthday this week. It was purchased a week ago. When I logged onto the itunes sight, I was advised that a 240mb update was needed for the ipod and that it would cost me £5.49. The amount is trivial, but should I not be able to expect current updates to be included in a new item? They certainly were for a TomTom that I bought a few months ago.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:03 15 Nov 2008

There is nothing too special in the update and even if it was free I would have declined it.


  oldbeefer2 12:10 15 Nov 2008

Each to his own, Gandalf, but even so, should a charge be made (and how can I tell what any further suggested updates contain - ipods are still a black art for me at the moment!).

  DrATty 12:24 15 Nov 2008

If the update fixes something that is broken, I'd be very unhappy. I received an old-style iPOD as a gift and the first update was a bug fix (something to do with USB I think.) If it's a new feature, let them keep it.
The amount may be trivial now but wait until updates start coming every week. iPODs are so far behind most other media players in what they will play that there's quite a market in this field alone.

  Why wont it work 12:31 15 Nov 2008

The updates which fix bugs generally are free. This update sounds like the iTouch 2.x software though which adds new features, so they make you pay.

  oldbeefer2 12:36 15 Nov 2008

Thanks all. Still think it's a bit of a cheek on a new bit of kit.

  interzone55 15:18 15 Nov 2008

They charge for updates because they're Apple, who's fans believe can do no wrong. This means that Apple think they can get away with anything.

If Microsoft tried some of the tricks Apple get up to they'd be dragged through the courts in seconds (witness the EU making MS produce a version of Windows without Windows Media Player, but no-one has tried to get Apple to remove iTunes from MacOS)...

  bremner 16:12 15 Nov 2008

The iTouch update contains additional software applications.

alan14 are you suggesting apple should develop software and then simply give it away for free?

The touch will continue to work fine without this update, it is an option, no one is forced to install it.

  interzone55 17:05 15 Nov 2008

No, but it's basically the same as a MS service pack, these usually contain additional features, but if MS tried to charge for them there would be uproar...

  bremner 17:43 15 Nov 2008

Sorry but that is simply not the case.

The standard service pack type updates are free. The updates that are charged offer App Store and all the additional software that enables.

click here

As I have said if someone does not want it they do not have to buy it. The iTouch still works offering the default software.

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