New iPod and other?

  Housten 17:15 03 Jul 2014

Good afternoon, Gentlemen,

I apologise if this is the wrong forum, but I do not know where it should go!!

Being 70+ now I seem to have a tendency to lose things and only realise that I have done so, when I need the item again. What has happened now is I have lost my iPod – classic 80 GB, although only about 10 GB was used.

I know when I last used it and so made an insurance claim, but the claim would have been for less than the excess!! So that was no good and I am now looking for another. Well I was until my wife stuck her nose in, and said I should get a tablet or something like that which would do as an iPod and - instead of taking her laptop with me on holiday - you can download the stuff on to it instead. What I actually do is to download our shares and keep an eye on our bank account. What I am asking is: does anyone know if there is such a thing that would allow me to use it as an iPod – or equivalent - and as a sort of mini-computer whereby I can download Excel spreadsheets on to it and then to check our emails and bank account. I have absolutely no idea if there is anything like this in the market place and would be very grateful for any advice or suggestions anyone can give me.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  wee eddie 18:24 03 Jul 2014

If you already have a Smartphone, just buy it some extra memory

  john bunyan 19:09 03 Jul 2014

I Pods have a "Find my iPhone" facility which locates them. If lost in the house you can make it emit a sound.

My granddaughter has a Samsung galaxy 7" tablet and the software is compatible with Word etc so essays etc can be composed then, using Dropbox or a USB cable they can be downloaded to a laptop for final editing and printing. I think there is a spreadsheet facility.

  Housten 12:32 04 Jul 2014

Good morning, Gentlemen,

Many thanks for your suggestions, I will look into the purchase of a tablet.

What I must say is that I do not have a "smartphone" - do not like them.

And as for the iPod having the facility to find it, the battery on it would be dead now - almost 3 months since I used it, never mind charged it - and I am fairly convinced that I lost it either on a plane or Lanzarote.

However all your suggestions have been most welcome.

  Housten 18:30 05 Jul 2014


Many thanks for that. The wife has already said as much so I am going to go into a couple of stores that are not too far away, not only for an iPod but a tablet as well, but I will ask a separate question on that!!

Many thanks for your help.

  Forum Editor 18:54 05 Jul 2014

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