new iphone 3GS

  iqs 17:51 17 May 2010


Can I ask the forum members that own the iPhone 3GS ,their opinions please regarding the phone.Good or bad.

Also what would you buy,the iPhone or the Sony Xperia X10.


  bremner 19:07 17 May 2010

Personally I think the iPhone is brilliant with only a couple of reservations.

The lack of multitasking - it is being addressed with OS 4 due in the summer.

If the camera is important to you then it is only 3megapixels - It will be improved in the next phone.

A new iPhone will be out in June so I would recommend waiting if it is to be your choice.

Re your second question it was asked only a few weeks ago. click here

  iqs 22:26 17 May 2010

thanks for the reply and link bremner,cheers

  donki 09:54 18 May 2010

I can only agree with what Bremner said, I think the 3GS is brilliant and use it all the time for web brousing even when I am in the house, the upgrade to OS4 will make it even better.

I only ever use the camera on any phone for taking a quick snap or something. If I want a picture I would actually print out I would use my compact camera, I would say the same of any camera phone nevermind how many megapixiels it had.

I would also wait for the next iPhone with usually is June but I can see it being put back till the end of summer perhaps, just a feeling.

  superhoops 20:46 20 May 2010

Yep the 3GS is good. (Even better if you jailbreak it! Battery life isnt great though. I have to keep it on charge in the car otherwise it dies.
I would recommend installing Atomic Web Browser and use it instead of the built in safari and Ibismail to use instead of the built in email program. Both are far superior.

  pavvi 22:42 20 May 2010

...the 3GS too. Never ever thought I would. Mind you I also have a MacBook (pro) which I never thought I would. You will probably find battery life on both not great mainly because of the size of the screen on both devices. When using good light, the camera on the 3GS is actually not bad. I have a battery pack to help me extend the life. But I only need it as (well so my wife tells me) I'm always on it! My only minor niggle is that when you are unable to read a text message, it will keep reminding you, and you can't switch off the reminder

  bremner 19:19 21 May 2010

Settings > Messages > Turn Off "Repeat Alert"

  pavvi 19:52 21 May 2010

Thanks for that! Shows how much I know! Only took 2 secs once I knew!

  iqs 18:35 25 May 2010

Hi all,
Finally got round to purchasing an iPhone today.Bought the 16GB 3GS.

So far I'm very happy with it.

Once again thank you all for taking the time to reply.

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