New intel i3 or AMD system

  martd7 11:53 25 Aug 2012

looking to buy a new system within the next month,i currently have an intel 4300 dual core ,4gb ram,2x 350gb hard drives,and lg dvd writer,nvidia 9600 gtx graphics card

2 systems i like the look of

Both appear to be good quality and a significant upgrade to what i have now Any comments much appreciated and i havent found this system spec for this price anywhere else cheaper unless someone can point me to the site


  frybluff 12:54 25 Aug 2012

The first thing to say is that, if you have the confidence to do it, you could build a better quality system yourself. The drawback with pre-built, budget, gaming PCs, is that they tend to use compact cases, with "cheap and cheerful" power supplies, that don't have long-term reliability, and offer very little scope to upgrade, in the future.

That said, the spec on these two (apart from "un-named" PSU) is not that bad. Normally, I would say go for Intel processor, even i3, over any AMD processor. However, the AMD build does have a much better graphics card (the GTX 550Ti, in the other, is pretty c**p), so I reluctantly have to say the AMD build probably "shades it" overall.

Before you make a final decision, check out the offerings from CHILLBLAST. They do a couple of low priced gamers, that are worth at least considering. Although, as I said, nothing much wrong with your current choices. I know Chillblast are pretty reliable, the firm you've chosen may be brilliant, I just don't know. Make sure you check out some user reviews, to satisfy yourself.

  martd7 16:07 25 Aug 2012

Thanks for comments,ive come to same conclusion there isnt much difference in these systems its a matter of preference,having just looked at a head to head in graphics,the amd card beats the gforce for fps and runs cooler but not by so much,and the radeon card looks huge with 2fans on! Cpu comparison the i3 beats the amd by 20% according to the review The psu in the system is a xfx pro 450w

i have looked at chillblast but they dont seem to cater for the mid range system,no intel i3 only i5

  frybluff 18:50 25 Aug 2012

I think the expression is swings and roundabouts. As I said, just about give the edga to AMD, for gaming. As an all-round PC, it probably swings the other way. In an ideal world, you'd have the i3 with the Radeon. (that's the benefit of building your own).

Glad to hear they have, at least, reasonable PSU. So many of these budget gamers use total junk, for power supplies.

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