New Intel Core 2 Duo 6x50 CPU's

  LABMAN 14:41 22 Jul 2007

Hi Folks,

A friend knows I was looking for a new PC based on the Intel Core 2 Dop and came across the new CPU's on the CConline web site.

Theyre are five of them but the three main stream models are as follows.

6550, 2 x 2.33Ghz/1333 FSB and 4MB L2 Cache £114

6570, 2 x 2.66Ghz/1333 FSB and 4MB L2 Cache £127

6580, 2 x 3.0Ghz/1333 FSB and 4MB L2 Cache £178

Heres the link for more info :

click here

At these prices the 6750 is cheaper than most places sell the 6600 at, yet it has both a faster clock speed and FSB.

So I think my new PC has just went on hold to see what my local PC shop is going to doing price wise with the new ones and the old ones.

  LABMAN 14:43 22 Jul 2007

Addendum to above, the only problem I have seen is the shortage of Motherboards claimng to support the 1333 FSB especially at the budget or mid range price level £50 - £70

  LABMAN 14:45 22 Jul 2007

sorry should be 6550, 6750 and 6850 CPU's stupid hands arent working to well today.

  Probabilitydrive 14:45 22 Jul 2007

end of June the E6750 was released and although only a minor performance gain to the E6700, it is phenomenally good value for money as Intel recently slashed their prices. review to the E6750 click here

  Element Tech 19:23 22 Jul 2007

The ASUS P5K series boards are available now and support 1333Mhz FSB out the box.

Check out click here

For a few ideas!


Element Tech

  LABMAN 22:18 22 Jul 2007

Hi folks thanks for the inputs made interesting reading.

The cheapest board I can see that supports 1333FSB is £88 which is £36 more than the Asrock board the shop I was looking in was using plus it doesnt have any onboard graphics so I'd have to buy a graphics card and that adds a minimum of £25 - £30 for a basic PCI-e card so bang goes any savings on the new processors.

I know your thinking why the heck would I want to be buying such a bang up todate processor and want onboard graphics but as I'm not into gaming I figured I'd buy the best processor I can get jut now now and adda card in a few months time when funds become availabl (That other love of my life the car has cost me nearly £300 in the past 3 weeks, just have to wait and see what the shop comes up with on there system offers when the new stuff and prices for the 6320, 6420 and 6600 come through hopefully some time this week.

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