New HP desktop computer incompatible with BT Homehub 5

  HBrown 13:21 20 Apr 2015

I have purchased a new desktop (tower) computer from HP it is called "HP Pavilion Desktop - 500-416na"

When I set it up at home it had a problem connecting to my wireless broadband. I have the BT Homehub 5 which I understand sends out 2.4 and 5 Ghz signals.

The HP technical team showed me how to turn the 5 Ghz signal off the homehub but this didn't seem to work. They admitted that the problem is the wifi card in the computer cannot pick up the 5 Ghz signal. They have agreed a no quibbles return of the computer.

HP have also informed me that none of their desktops have a 5Ghz wifi card. There is an adapter but that will take 1-2 weeks to deliver.

Can anyone suggest any solutions? Am I better off buying a completely different desktop computer with a 5 Ghz wifi card and if so can anyone make an recommendations around the £500 mark (just for the tower). Or am I better off keeping the HP Pavillion and finding another wifi adapter to enable the 5 Ghz signal

(apologies for any incorrect terminology- I know absolutely nothing about computers. I am recently out of work and trying to run a charity from home hence the purchase of a new computer as previously all IT stuff was dealt with by the IT guys at my flashy employer...!)

  lotvic 23:20 21 Apr 2015

Is there a reason you specifically want to use the 5 Ghz WiFi?

You could just use the 2.4 Ghz WiFi or better still an Ethernet Cable.

This article ClickHere on btcustomer care site gives a good overview of the choices. You get better connection speed using Ethernet.

  BT 18:54 23 Apr 2015

..he just got a new Superhub from Virginmedia and it was set to the 5ghx and the 2.4 ghz

They always are by default. Regardless of which you are using having them both enabled doesn't affect the working of the hub. It just gives the option to use either or both if you have different compatible devices to connect. 2.4 Ghz has a better range than 5Ghz. If you are using an Ethernet connection only, the Wireless can be turned off so the 2.4 or 5 question doesn't arise, but you can leave them both turned on or turn one of them off for wireless use. I've tried it both ways and it makes no difference to the connection speed. You can of course only use the 5Ghz if you have a device that is enabled for it.

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