New house - what if it's already BB activated?

  May the Schwarz be with you... 00:17 29 Sep 2003

Hi, I may be moving soon and I currently have Plusnet 512k broadband. I have read on the Plusnet site that I will have to pay a damn £60 to move my broadband to a new house. Is this £60 because they just want to make more money or because they need to activate the line in my new house for broadband, like they did when I first got broadband here? What if the previous occupants of my new house had broadband before? Would it need to be activate again? Regards.

  Forum Editor 00:25 29 Sep 2003

the line will need to be activated again. The previous occupants may well have used a different ISP, and Plusnet will have to pay BT for an activation anyway. There's no way around this as far as I'm aware.

  spuds 19:32 29 Sep 2003

Be very carefull here. Make sure that you are fully aware of your 'signed-up' terms and conditions. Some contracts state 12 month minimum service, which means that penalties for early termination etc can be requested.

Again, if the new house as a broadband fixture already installed for the previous user, then check with the person or ISP before you start thinking about connecting to this service.

Best to be wise before the event than afterwards, should legal problems occure later.You could end up with a financial burden, that you do not want.

  wags 22:08 29 Sep 2003

I have just moved my company into a new office where the previous occupier was also connected to broadband. The first thing I had to do was phone BT Business movers and ensure that the previous occupier had "ceased" the line, to enable it to be converted back to analogue.I then had to pay an activation charge to BT via my ISP for the the line to be converted back to ADSL.

My IT Consultants tell me that it can delay matters if you don't do this, as the various departments at BT dont communicate together very well on this point and delays can occur in setting up broadband with your chosen ISP . I assume that the same principles apply to home users moving to another property. I had to pay an activation charge to BT via my ISP.

  graham√ 22:23 29 Sep 2003

Sorry, you will have to ask BT to transfer your account to your new house. Once that is done you can apply for broadband.

As the keyboard roadie once told the keyboard player 'You can't change the loom'.

  rogertjj 09:51 01 Oct 2003

I moved house about 6 months ago, and had the same thing. The people who moved out had AOL broadband, and I wanted to go with Plusnet. The BB had to be cancelled, and then re-activated again. Pain in the rear ! It took 38 days for the BB to be cancelled.

Hi, may I ask why you have had to cancel your BB account? I'm about half-way through my 12-month contract with PlusNet but on their site, it says that if I change my address, it costs £60 to move it. I'm still planning to stay with Plusnet since they are one of the cheapest and I can't stop my contract anyways. However, I just don't understand why the need to pay another £60 when I move house. It takes the p*ss. Is this the same with all ISPs?

  graham√ 09:00 04 Oct 2003

PlusNet has to pay (BT?) to cease the Broadband at the old premises and provide it at the new. This involves physical wiring changes in the exchange.

Whether Broadband was a 'fixture' previously makes no difference. When the line was ceased by the previous occupant, the Broadband is also disconnected.

It is a case of one company charging another for services rendered, and passing the costs to the end user. In the case of BT, particularly, Oftel rules govern these matters.

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