New home ent / Family PC for circa £500

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Im looking to get a PC for home/family use - mainly WWW and the usual office stuff plus movie editing and watching films / listening to music.

Proper Gaming is not an issue (children as less than 3), but would like to watch DVDs etc and play with kids games.

My reqs stem from the above - plus i want something that is going to be as future proof as poss, lots of capacity ie slots and ports, can be upgraded as needed - plus as performant at least s my current work Dell 505 laptop which is a Intel P4 1500 600mhz, 512.

So my thinking of min spec is something like:
3GHZ processor (AMD or Pentium 4 - does it matter?)
DVD+/-RW drive (i assume this writes CDs as well?)
160GB Hard Drive
128MB Graphics Card
Firewire card
Wlan card / usb (to go with existing netgear router)
17 inch flat screen

Ive been looking at Dell and Mesh and now (after looking thru these posts) Cube and Evesham.

Also will need printer - for general use and dig photos.

Any ideas / recommendations?
(£500 Budget is not fixed)

Many thanks in advance!

  [DELETED] 19:26 20 Jan 2006

Consider one of these, with a TFT monitor of your choice.

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Sorry, forgot the link...
click here

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