New Hard Drive Advice? Opinions Please...

  A-R 22:08 08 Oct 2004

I need to buy a new Internal Hard Drive, the question is what would the members recommend?

And while were on the subject of HDDs, what is the difference between SATA and UDMA?

  TomJerry 22:48 08 Oct 2004

Performance wise, no difference.

Connection-wise: they are different, almost all motherboard support ATA connection (some with UDMA function), but many motherboards do not have SATA connection.

All depend what is important to you: Noise? Performance? Reliability? Size? How much you want to pay? But, in any case it is agood idea to get a HDD with 8MB cache not 2MB cache.

  A-R 23:16 08 Oct 2004

Well I looking for a 160G+ HDD... Noise, Performance and Reliability are all important... well Performance and Reliability noso than Noise...

  TomJerry 02:17 09 Oct 2004

Personally, I like

160 GB Seagate Barracuda 8MB Cache 7200rpm ATA100 (ST3160023A) or

160 GB Samsung SP1614N 7200rpm 8Mb Cache IDE ATA133 (3yr Warranty)

Because both are very quiet and bot give 3 yrs warrenty.

Warrenty is not much use because oneone want to send back HDD with personal data on it, but it show the manufacturer's confidence if they give 3 yrs warranty instead of 1 yr.

I have both drives (120GB) version.

  spuds 12:29 09 Oct 2004

Everyone as their own personal choice, after using or building computers over a number of years. I prefare Maxtor and Western Digital, due mainly to their support and product availabilty.

Prices are falling all the time, and with it came the reduced warranty times. Look around and you can still find the 3 year warranty, sometimes on the same product with either a retail or OEM status.

  A-R 00:38 10 Oct 2004

Well the HDD I have at the moment is a IBM Deskstar ATA/IDE, but it's giving me a lot of problems because I seem to be getting a lot of damaged areas.

I'm looking at the Western Digital range at the moment because that's the one the guy who built my computer recommeded to me a few months ago.

I'm almost certain that my Motherboard isn't compatable with SATA but UDMA is the same as ATA isn't it so I should be ble to use that shouldn't I?

  961 16:01 10 Oct 2004

I've always bought Seagate. The Barracuda range is quiet, reliable, and much the same for price as all the others. Buy the plus range and they have a 3 yr warranty.

One of the main reasons is the software they provide to set the drive up and transfer your existing files and folders from the old disk onto the new. It works, and it works easy

I wouldn't buy SATA yet. Can be difficult to change even if the motherboard supports both systems

  georgemac 20:09 10 Oct 2004

I have just installed a samsung spinpoint 120 GB SATA hard drive in this pc - very impressive and quiet - has an 8 MB cache.

SATA drives do offer faster performance that IDE/UDMA drives but there's not a lot in it 150/133.

If your motherboard is not quite new I doubt if it would support SATA.

If installing a SATA drive and putting XP on it from the start, you need to download the SATA drivers first (from the motherboard driver cd or website) , transfer them to floppy, and press F6 during installation to load the drivers, as xp does not have them.

  georgemac 20:11 10 Oct 2004
  georgemac 20:13 10 Oct 2004

SATA drives require different power connectors (an adaptor from 4 oin molex can be bought if the psu does not have a sata connector) and different data cables.

Most motherboards that are SATA enabled can take 2 sata drives (usually for raid) and there is no need to mess about with jumpers - no master and slave.

  A-R 21:29 10 Oct 2004

No it's an oldish Motherboard so I'm almost certain SATA is out of the question.

961 - It's funny you mention Barracuda because that was one on the brands that I have been told to avoid.

No I'm looking at a Western Digital at the moment... but can anyone tell me what the advantages of "RAID" drives are?

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