New Graphics Card Sub 100

  Mort105 17:50 11 Aug 2011


I need a new PCI-E graphics card for my computer as HD 2900 XT seems to be bust. Tried installing drivers but keep getting blue screen (using Vista).

Only option for now is to remove the drivers and not have a graphics card but am looking for a relatively cheap replacement.

Any suggestions, anyone bought one recently they'd recommend, looking for something around £60-80.

  ams4127 22:07 11 Aug 2011

I'm using a Radeon 4890. It's fairly old but works very well and can now be picked up for about £70. Try Amazon, I think they sell them and their returns policy is excellent, should anything go wrong.

  [email protected] 20:37 12 Aug 2011

Have a look here for a comparison of graphics card.

For around £100 you could buy a nVidia 550Ti or a Radeon 6790.

For around £80 you could buy a Radeon 6670, or the cheaper 6670 with DDR3 instead of DDR5 RAM for around £60

The 4890s available on Amazon that ams4127 recommended are used and not actually sold by Amazon themselves. Doesn't necessarily mean you should avoid them, but it's not something I'd personally go for.

One final thing, are you absolutely certain your current graphics card is bust and it's just not a software problem that could be sorted by reinstalling Windows?

  Mort105 11:10 13 Aug 2011

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the card, and it worked for a little while before the issue returned.

Wouldn't fancy reinstalling windows though...for the moment I've deleted the cards drivers and it's using the onboard graphics - not ideal but up and running.

It's probably only a matter of time before windows tries to reinstall it though and then back to blue screen again.

I'll probably go with a 6670 - just going to shop around to see which one to go for.

  Menzie 12:27 16 Aug 2011

I had an issue which started with a blue screen, after a while my pc was ignoring the video card and going straight to the onboard.

Turned out to be a faulty pcie slot.

Hopefully your new card solves the problem.

  Mort105 11:40 17 Aug 2011

It's worked for about 2 years so probably the graphics card rather than the PCI slot. It seems to have happened after windows updated the driver, think it was around 8th August. Had hoped uninstalling and reinstalling with new / old drivers might fix it but no luck.

So it's going to be a cheap graphics card after payday and hopefully will work - might stear clear of ATI though as it seems like they caused the issue with the new drivers....

  Mort105 18:14 17 Aug 2011

Just noticed they've placed some new drivers on the site today:

The last ones went up on 12/08/2011 - and I think these caused the issue. Going to try the new ones and maybe save some money if they work.

  Menzie 19:27 17 Aug 2011

Good luck, hopefully that will fix the issue so you don't need to buy a new card.

  Mort105 11:52 18 Aug 2011

Unfortunately it didn't correct the issue. I've tried a vareity of drivers from the originals and various updates along the way, and now the latest drivers. I think the HD 2900 is knackered.

Going to search for something up to £100 and not manufactured by ATI so the 6670 is out.

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