New graphics card advice

  Josquius 11:06 23 Apr 2006

I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card...
The problem is graphics cards seem the hardest thing to determine 'which is best' with. Even more complicated then processors these days (where the most mhz isn't always the best) with there being many different values that some have, some don't, etc....

I'm not looking for the total top end of graphics card but I am looking for something decent- maybe upper mid range, the place where you get to before the price jumps get huge and the power increases not so huge.

Any recommendations of what I should be looking for? I have no idea.

  hzhzhz 12:04 23 Apr 2006

What is your current system specification?.

  Cybermaxx 12:09 23 Apr 2006

Josquius. Are you after an AGP or a PCIe card? Or are you limited to crappy old PCI cards? What makes up the rest of your PC (CPU, RAM, current graphics card)?

More information required to make any sort of worthwhile recommendation!

  Josquius 12:21 23 Apr 2006

Right now I have:

•Atalon XP 2400+ graphics
• 1024 mb ram.
• NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200M. 128mb

  Cybermaxx 13:22 23 Apr 2006

AGP, then. Same link that I pasted in my topic "Cheapo Graphics Cards", a few topics below........

click here

I've already ordered a Sapphire AGP X800XL for £68 all in from there. They're putting loads of "left over" (but new) cards in their clearance section this week.

Now they have several different nVidia 6800GT AGP cards from £82 (+ another £8 for delivery), which are damned good. 16 pipelines, 256 GDDR3 video RAM. That's what you want!

Cheaper options:- the £52 6800 AGP 128MB card, and the £47 6600GT 128MB. A 6800GT for £90, though. That's pretty damned good. The extra 128MB will be useful with that card. Only a handful of AGP cards (ie The Radeon X850 range, the 6800 Ultra, and the various 7800GS cards) can better it.

Hope that helps!

  Cybermaxx 13:24 23 Apr 2006

Btw, you'll need a decent power supply to ensure smooth running of any of these relatively "high end" cards.

  freaky 13:25 23 Apr 2006

I presume you are looking for an AGP Card, if so I suggest you consider the GeForce 6600GT 256MB available for £111.04 inc VAT from: -

click here

Got one of these 3 weeks ago to replace my FX-5500 DDR 128MB. Found this card would only play Battle for MiddleEarth (2) in low graphics mode -the new card plays OK now in High graphic mode.

If you get one, then make sure you update the Driver to the latest version from the Nvidia website.

  Cybermaxx 13:31 23 Apr 2006

Hmmm, but a 6800GT is miles better than any 6600GT. And it's cheaper to buy at the moment.

  freaky 13:46 23 Apr 2006

The problem with the other cards you mention is they only have 128MB - hence the lower price.

The 6600 GT 258MB has received excellent reviews.

  Josquius 13:55 23 Apr 2006

Damn it.
Ignore the graphics next to athalon xp+...No idea why that's there.

  Cybermaxx 13:59 23 Apr 2006

The 6600GT 256MB you link to may or may not benefit from the extra RAM, but it's also twice the price. The vanilla 6800 128MB I linked to will definitely outperform it, though, and any 6800GT will absolutely bloody well destroy it!

click here

It's all about value for money, right?

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