New free computer magazine

  Al94 21:44 23 Nov 2004

Is this the future ofr publishing? click here
Don't think it will ever compete with PCA but interesting nevertheless.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:51 23 Nov 2004

Thanks for that one; seems interesting.

  Sapins 23:03 23 Nov 2004

Looks ok to me, I'll have a good read tomorrow.

I prefer an on-line mag to a paper edition, no out of date info, or, less out of date info. It's free as well.

  Sapins 23:06 23 Nov 2004

Have you thought, you could be responsible for the demise of PCA and thus this forum ;-)

  Sapins 09:53 24 Nov 2004

Pesala, was the pun intended?

gudgulf, methinks I detect a little bit of creeping here ;-). I think if it gets established you will get just as good information as in a paper magazine and it will be up to date. Just think of the possibilities of inserting last minute reviews etc:

Run out of paper! surely you wouldn't:-0

  Stuartli 11:35 24 Nov 2004

Can't see what all the fuss is about - virtually every computer mag (and in a vast range of other fields) provides an online equivalent in one form or another.

In any case, people have been predicting the demise of newspapers, magazines and similar printed media for as long as I can remember......

It was the same with radio when television came along.

  Al94 21:20 24 Nov 2004

Don't think this will result in the demise of PCA Sapins - but I was concerned FE might not like competition advertised here! I'm sure he will be philosophical and not see any real threat!!

  Sapins 21:45 24 Nov 2004

Yeh, he's a benign dictator?

  Sapins 09:52 25 Nov 2004

I think you have to give your address if you want the newsletter.

As far as I can tell you give them permission to automatically download the newsletter when each copy is ready and you then decide to take it or not. There's a demonstration link on the site.

Personally I prefer to check for new editions myself rather than leave my connection open for them to download copy. The magazine certainly looks interesting though.

  Sapins 19:02 16 Jan 2005

Issue 2 of Homecomputermagazine out now. See Al94's link.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:49 16 Jan 2005

New issue seems to be a little late - giving hints on eleventh hour Christmas shopping!

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