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  [DELETED] 19:46 22 Aug 2003


I have just registered as a PC Advisor forum member and i'm extremely glad i did - reading some of the posts I know that this forum will be a valuable source of information.

I wanted some advice and I was hoping somebody could help.

I currently have a Compaq presario 5000 computer with 256mb ram and running windows ME. I bought the system a little over two years ago.

I am currently about to start my AS/A Levels and will be going to university in about two years time.

I was thinking of buying a laptop or notebook for use in college and to help me in my studies both presently and in two years time, when I actually go to University. The laptop will be used mainly for educational purposes e.g. during lessons, as an information source, for productivity in the classroom, etc.

My question is: is it wise to buy a high- spec laptop now to last me for the next couple of years until I go to uni, at which time I will upgrade the laptop as a way to prolong its life; or is it better to spend £500-600 upgrading my current compaq desktop system now (change the motherboard to allow compatibility with the latest processors and graphics cards) and then fork out another £100 - £200 on top of that to upgrade the OS to XP? I would then still have to buy the laptop in two years time.

Any help would be much appreciated,


  [DELETED] 19:55 22 Aug 2003

Just to make my last post a little bit clearer-

If i were to opt for the latter option I would buy the laptop in two years time in order to get a high spec machine, as I am sure technology will have changed rapidly by the time i go to uni.

Thanks again,


  wee eddie 20:13 22 Aug 2003

Apart from the Machismo thing, that is.

If it does. Save your money - spend it unwisely - whatever.

In 2 years the present format of PC/Laptop will be on it's last legs. I can't tell you what will be in place although I have a reasonable idea, if I were you I'd add a bit here and there and have some fun with the money.

ps. Us old b's get a little jealous sometimes, thats all.

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Thanks for the response.

If I were to buy a laptop now how much do you tink technology would have changed in two years time? In your opinion would it still be possible to upgrade my laptop in two years time?



  [DELETED] 20:23 22 Aug 2003

Sorry, its think not tink :)

  [DELETED] 20:38 22 Aug 2003

Whether you upgrade now or not depends on whether you need to or want to - what do you want to do that you can't do with your current system?

Laptops are very un-upgradeable systems. You can forget buying one now and upgrading it in two years. You will have to either keep it or change it.

  wee eddie 20:39 22 Aug 2003

click here

just Click the link and download it's an internet spell checker...really great.

Laptops are notoriously difficult/impossible to upgrade.

  Belatucadrus 20:50 22 Aug 2003

click here for the last posting on this subject. Beyond adding more RAM, upgrading a laptop is next to impossible.

  [DELETED] 20:54 22 Aug 2003

Thanks for the input,

I'll probably just spend the money on my current system and buy a laptop in two years time.

Thanks for the help,


  [DELETED] 23:29 22 Aug 2003

laptop at uni? i'd say don't bother with a laptop at uni, stick with a desktop.

click here thats a recent post regarding the matter over what to use at uni. You'll find my detailed reply and reasoning in that thread somewhere halfway down.

it's really upto you at the end of the day. Upgrade now and get a whole new system in years pref a desktop, with desktops you get much more punch per £!!!

Regarding technology change over a 2yr period, yes it will have changed, quite a lot i imagine. If you take a look at the 2 yrs past, we've seen technology development race through!!! i mean, i got my GF4 Ti4600 about a year or so ago, it was top of the range then, and just 5months later, ATi and Nvidia launched their new lines. Motherboards within a 12 month period have changed from 400FSB to 533FS to 800FSB, dual channel memory, 8xAGP, SATA drives, 5.1 sound to 6.1 sound to 7.1 sound, TFT's becoming more mainstream now, off the shelf systems are being shipped with them.

It's a little arrogant to think that technology will just slow being developed, to think that we are at our technological peak now.

In my very own personal opinion, i believe that the rate of development will increase over time, i mean how long was it before nVidia released FX5900 after the FX5800? 2months? That upset a lot of people. But it's just expected now, what you pay £1000 for today will be worth squat next month!!!

In this very instable environment unless you have enough money to have the best of everthing all the time (more money than sense), it's wise to play it safe. Don't buy the latest components they might pack a punch but will leave you wondering how to pay off your bills for the rest of the month! best practice to go with a product that's 2nd highest in new must have list!

  [DELETED] 09:31 23 Aug 2003

Yes, technology will have moved on in 2 years. However, in my opinion these changes will not make much difference to your needs at University.

I do some part time work at a University and see what the students are doing. I have no idea what course you will be following, but unless is is one involving heavy graphic or gaming use, the notebook you buy today will be more than sufficient.

A centrino processor would be useful, as it seems to provide much longer battery life; (handy in the classroom).

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