new double glazing

  gibfish26 09:16 28 Jan 2010

hi all,i am in the process of getting quotes for new windows from local manufacturers,some of the quotes are for pilkington K glass units.these are what i am looking for info on does anyone have K glass units fitted and what are they like with regards to vision clarity and insulation values.would be gratefull for any advice or suggestions.thanks.

  Pamy 10:20 28 Jan 2010

What ever windows you have installed make sure you get a FENSA certificate.

Before you sign a contract to buy any replacement glazing, be sure to ask whether the installer is able to self-certify. If not, an application to Local Authority Building Control for approval under the Building Regulations will need to be made by either the installer or the homeowner. It is likely that there will be associated charges with this.

  wiz-king 10:32 28 Jan 2010

click here data sheet just above "benefits"

  gibfish26 10:35 28 Jan 2010

hi pammy thanks for your info,i have got that side of things covered,i am looking for info on the K glass units and what people who have them installed think about them.thanks.

  jack 10:42 28 Jan 2010

The alleged benefits are heat retention and U/V exclusion among others.
IMHO locally made will give you what you want exactly rather than a national co fobbing you off with ready mades that are approximate fit and have to be adapted to your particular apertures.
My set were made installed over 3 days and the guys have never had to come back for anything at all - ever. Their van is always at work- in the area - so they have a good reputation.
Meanwhile the attributes of K Glass can be found here

click here

  sunnystaines 10:46 28 Jan 2010

make sure you get a ten year warranty and not 5 years, as some double glazing is prone to internal misting after 5-6 years or so.

  interzone55 12:21 28 Jan 2010

Wood frames tend to have 5 year warranties, and in my experience last around 5 years and a day before misting up.

UPVC should carry a 10 year warranty

  gibfish26 14:30 28 Jan 2010

hi all thanks for your replies and links.
i have looked at data on the net,what i am looking for is the personal opinions of fellow posters who have K glass fitted in their windows.

jack how do you find your windows for noise levels and when looking through them is there any noticeable darkness or will all know when getting quotes from companys they almost all criticise each others products and say their's are the best.thanks.

  jack 15:17 28 Jan 2010

How do you find your windows for noise levels
I live in a triangle bounded by the M25[J1a]- 100m to the west the improved A2 and J2 M25 about 1km to south, the A296 to north one street a way.
All is quiet most of the time- occasionally will pick up a rush hour drone from the A2/M25 junction in rush hour if the prevailing wind is westerly- if it then goes quiet - me know the tunnel is blocked -- again
' when looking through them is there any noticeable darkness or will all know when getting quotes from companies they almost all criticise each others products and say theirs are the best.thanks.
To be able to give a good light dark comparison one would have to see both clear and tinted side by side of course.
As the old windows were wooden with panoramic glass compared with the thicker section UPVC and the individual casement design I made, there is less light coming in and there is indeed a slight 'green' tint from the aluminized K glass
So yes less light in over all- not a bad thing with a south facing rear in my case.

  gibfish26 16:24 28 Jan 2010

hi jack thanks for that,we dont have any motorways close by but do have a small industrial estate to the rear of our small close,but this is not noise emitting.just been talking to grandaughter on phone and she has got K glass in her front porch so will go and take a look at that at weekend.thanks again.

  BT 16:55 28 Jan 2010

But not anything that is immediately obvious, in fact you probably won't notice it unless you compare it with not looking through the glass.

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