New Desktop Recommendations ~£700

  OneTwoThreeFour 14:00 05 Jan 2010

Hi All

Looking to buy a new desktop and looking for some help. Details are:

Budget around £700
Do want to use it for games - recently playing fallout 3, team fortress 2 thinking of getting Left 4 Dead 2.
Other than that use it for internet, online poker etc.
Don't need anything but the box - no monitor etc.
But don't really want to build it myself

Was thinking about the dell studio 800.
It's currently £708 for:
*Intel Core i7-860 (2.80GHz, 8MB, L3 Cache)
*8192MB 1067 MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [4x2048]
*500GB (7200RPM) SATA Hard Drive
*Single 1GB Nvidia GeForce GTS 240
Reading the reviews a bit worried about the quality of the graphics card and the ability to upgrade it in the future.

What do people think? Are there better alternatives for the price?


  GaT7 14:15 05 Jan 2010

The Dell is good, but as you rightly found out, except in one important department - the relatively poor graphics card.

As a gamer, & for a budget of £700 you should be looking at an ATI 5xxx series card. I'll get back to you on a few possible systems.

Dell is probably one to avoid as their gaming system ranges - XPS, & more recently Alienware - can be a bit on the over-priced side. G

  OneTwoThreeFour 14:27 05 Jan 2010

Thanks Crossbow - confirms my fears. Would be fantastic if you could make some suggestions.

From a previous post on here I found this:
click here
(scroll to the bottom - the "pro" option).

However have never heard of it before and can't find any reviews.

  GaT7 14:35 05 Jan 2010

Yes, that Novatech one is more like what you should be looking at :-).

But hang on, I think you can get better for the money! Here's another similar thread click here (with lower budget though) to view a few other system-builders you can consider.

I'll be back. G

  OneTwoThreeFour 16:34 05 Jan 2010

Thanks again.

Tempted by one of these:

Cube Zuben ST22: click here
Cube Jupiter ST11: click here (slightly over budget)

Would also love to hear any recommendations you have.

  GaT7 21:19 05 Jan 2010

The Cube Jupiter ST11 does look good, but a little lopsided I reckon. I'd rather have a better graphics card (HD5850 instead of the HD5770 perhaps?) & less RAM & hard drive space. Is this possible with any of their configurations?

Try to keep the HD5770 as the barest minimum in terms of the GPU, with a HD5850 the preferred choice - i.e. if you can fit in your budget by perhaps cutting out a few 'unneeded' extras as suggested above.

Good review of the HD5770 at click here in comparison with the HD5850 & other cards you're considering. And this review click here compares the HD5850 with other high-end cards.

Btw, I couldn't find much better than what you've posted already. But I'll return to post if I do. G

  Input Overload 21:26 05 Jan 2010

I would recommend the DELL but the graphics card is a not particularly good OEM card. I recently bought one & it's great but I'm no gamer.

Novatech have one of the best after-sales service going both from my own experience & from reading threads on this forum for some years.

  AL47 21:51 05 Jan 2010

*Intel Core i7-920
*6000MB 1600 MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [4x2048]
*1TB (7200RPM) SATA Hard Drive
*Single 1GB Radeon 5850

is the system im going for very similarto yours

check out this gfx card comparisson

click here

  AL47 21:55 05 Jan 2010

whoops, meant to be 3x2gb sticks [i7 920 is triple channel ram]

the radeon 5850 is the sweet spot for price vs performance atm, and radeon is well ahead of nvidia atm

  OneTwoThreeFour 11:18 06 Jan 2010

Thanks All

Crossbow - take your point on the Jupiter being a bit lopsided. Don't seem to be able get a more balance system out of Cube - will keep looking.

AL47 - that does look good. Do you mind me asking where you're getting it from and how much it costs?

  OneTwoThreeFour 09:53 07 Jan 2010

Sorry to bump up.

Can't find anything better than the Jupiter ST11 in my price range so probably going to go for that.

Unless anyone has any better suggestions (AL?)

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