New Desktop advice and suggestions please

  Wardy7 12:45 23 Oct 2008

Hey up everyone, first post on here and I'm using it to ask for help (how nice of me) ;)

It is about time I got a new desktop as my current one is starting to go a bit slow now.

Now my problem is that computer specs don't really interest me and could stare me int he face and I wouldn't particularly be able to say if one is great or not.

Anyway, my use of the computer is that I work for myself from home making websites, so it is used for some graphics (not really technicle stuff though), web design, general home use (email, video, music). I don't play games.

I want a nice fast running machine, budget is about £800 to £1k.

Can you all load me with the best ones to go for, I've looked at Dell and can't decide if the Precision T7400 or the XPS 630 are any good, although I am not limited to going to Dell, they were just my first port of call when starting to look.


  Wardy7 13:08 23 Oct 2008

I forgot to add that I want it to be able to support more than one monitor too, ideally up to 3 if possible! :)

  iscanut 17:28 23 Oct 2008

For more than one monitor, it's the graphics card that you need to get right with two monitor connection sockets.

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