New day to day/gaming PC

  jackpw 12:50 30 Jan 2010

Hi guys!

I'm looking at buying a new PC, my current PC is 3 years old but is stuck for upgrades due to having no PCI slots. Basically I have a budget of around £500-£600, all i need is the base unit as I already have Monitors and other gadgets.

I'm looking for a PC that will play MMO's like EVE and maybe the new STO game, ideally I'd like it to play other types of games in good quality graphics and without juddering aswell.

I'm an absolute techniphobe so am struggling to see which PC is good or not, however someone pointed me toards this one..... click here
, just wondering if anyone can shead any light on this PC or if their are better deals for that same amount of money.

Cheers in advance guys!

  GaT7 13:03 30 Jan 2010

That OC PC is not too bad. I think you'll get better for the money, but if you notice all the components they use (including the PSU) are good quality, branded ones.

A few others to consider are: CyberPower click here, Chillblast click here, Arbico click here, Cougar-Extreme click here & Novatech click here. G

  jackpw 14:28 30 Jan 2010

Thanks G.

I've had a look and have knuckled it down to 3.

Titan Krypt from Overclockers - click here
Ultra Europa SE from CyberPower - click here
Infinity i3 Apollo again from CyberPower - click here

I'm thinking the Ultra Europa SE is the better choice from looking at speeds of the processor and graphics but could anyone back me up or put me right on this :)

Thanks alot!

  GaT7 16:39 30 Jan 2010

Tbh, there's very little to choose between the ones you linked to. The OC PC appears to have more branded components & a quality PSU.

The 4870 will be a little better than the 5750 - click here for benchmarks, but the latter supports the newer DirectX 11 & Eyefinity (click here).

This Chillblast PC click here (for £590 delivered), with the 4890 + 500W PSU selected, & the monitor deselected, should be the best for gaming. G

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