New to computers - Evesham or Mesh?

  Joshdog 13:10 12 Nov 2003

Wondered if you anyone could help me with advice on purchasing a new computer. I have around £1200 to spend on a new system and I've narrowed my search down to Mesh's 2600Xi with some upgrades and Eveshams Axis 2800+ Wonder. Customer support is really important as I'm not very computer literate (at the moment!!). Anyone have either of these systems you could recommend or otherwise, or any info on their customer service?

  helmetshine 13:20 12 Nov 2003

I've had an Evesham now for about 2 years and any problems I've had(mainly self inflicted)have been dealt with very efficently and politely and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

  scotty 13:26 12 Nov 2003

For someone in your situation (being new to computers and recognising the importance of customer support) I would strongly recommend Evesham. They have a excellent reputation for looking after their customers.

  keenan 13:31 12 Nov 2003

Mesh, would probably win - out marginally on spec/price wise.
However, Evesham customer service is as good asit gets! Of the 2 .... Evesham.

  bfoc 14:06 12 Nov 2003

Recommended numbers of friends and family to buy Evesham machines, mainly complete beginners too, and they have never had any problems at all. I have bought an Evesham machine and whilst there was a problem (just my luck!) it was sorted out quickly and to my complete satisfaction.

On the other hand I have twice, in five years, bought Mesh machines and both had major problems which were not resolved and then involved weeks of hassle to get a refund, which I did eventually.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to accept that the vast majority of Mesh machines are excellent, but it does appear, IMHO, that if things do go wrong, Mesh is less likely to recity matters quickly and easily.

  Just Jack 15:29 12 Nov 2003

My Mesh machine stopped working on 6th October and at 9.15am I got in touch with Mesh on the phone. It took over three weeks to get a label from them to send it back. They claim it was received with a broken front panel, a broken mother board and without a CPU. I had packed the machine quite securely and since I wouldn`t know a CPU if it bit me it should go without saying that if it was ever in there, it was still in when I returned it. As of 11.00am today 12th Nov (37 days later), they still can`t tell me what they are going to do, But they have again, as they did 6 days ago, promised to ring me back today to tell me. If you think this OK then you can buy happily from Mesh.

  Dogger 15:50 12 Nov 2003

I have used Evesham for 13 months, and can't fault them. I had one problem, and had to contact customer support, this problem resulted with a call out to my home for one of eveshams engineers, from the time of making the original call, to the engineer calling to repair the comp, was only 50 hours.
That is what you call service, so I will always recommend Evesham.
Hope this helps you.

  Sir Radfordin 15:51 12 Nov 2003

I could never justify the extra Evesham want for their systems over others. I'm yet to experience anything that tells me you get any more for your money.

  ulrich 16:47 12 Nov 2003


  Steven135 17:05 12 Nov 2003

The issues this thread raises have been rehearsed many times I have my second Evesham machine and I have recommended them many times to friends who have bought from them.

I did have a problem with my new machine and it was sorted the very next day after speaking to customer services. There is no competition if you want good backup and a three year genuine on-site warranty.

Mesh machines are good value but as many others have said the backup can be pretty patchy and on site visits seem a rarity (is this more perception than reality) it would be good to hear a report from the Mesh Response Team, seems a shame that Mesh suffers such a bad reputation on this site for poor customer service. We all need healthy competition to keep prices down and options open.

There are other perfectly viable alternatives to both these firms but on personal experience I will always buy from Evesham.

PS: this forum provides perhaps the best backup of all you won't be on your own whoever you buy from.

  crocodile36 18:57 12 Nov 2003

I have both a Mesh and an Evesham machine. Neither has been trouble-free, but most of the problems were of my making. They are both pretty good machines, but when things go wrong, Evesham provide better service. They are not always fast, but Mesh service is just poor.

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