New computer - where to buy?

  Insomnia 16:08 05 Oct 2005

I have a budget of £500-£600 and would like the following; athlon 64, 512MB of RAM, 1024MB if possible, 100GB+ hard drive and a 17 inch monitor. Anybody got suggestions of where i should buy?

  Ceri.E 15:30 06 Oct 2005

click here

That's £527.58 without the screen but you get the socket 939 and 1024 of RAM.

Or, you could see if they would upgrade the 0810T to a GIG of Ram and then try for the screen.

Good luck,


  SOREBLADE 17:37 06 Oct 2005

eBay?? OR Build your own I prefer that.

  Totally-braindead 19:27 06 Oct 2005

You could build your own but with the prices that you can get a system built for whether complete or bare bones you will find that if you buy all the components yourself, seperately it will cost you a lot more. It used to be that building your own PC from scratch was cheaper but that is no longer the case. Having said that its fun, you learn a lot, its not incredibly differcult providing you buy compatible components that work well together and you get exactly the PC you want if you do decide to build your own.

If you've never built a PC before and are a bit wary of it but still want to try it then you can't go far wrong buying a barebones system and adding what you want to it in the way of drives, graphics etc. The advantage of a barebones system are, the processor is fitted to the motherboard as is the memory and they are already installed in the case and it will be cheaper than buying the bits seperatly, then its fairly easy to add the hard drive you want, the graphics card you want and the CD drive or DVD drive you want, then you just add the Windows XP, speakers, keyboard, mouse and monitor.

If you decide to go for the Novatech bare bones then I would go for this one click here because its a socket 939 motherboard, the cheaper models are socket 754 and they are being phased out, so thinking of the future it makes better sense to get that one. It also has PCI Express for the graphics rather than AGP and thats newer as well.

If you just want a complete system and don't want to build it yourself then you could try one of the Novatech ones or go to a company like Dell who do some very good deals price wise.

  Sibbo 11:16 07 Oct 2005

Log on to click here for some good deals. They will also custom build PC's for you. Pre-sales/after sales support is also excellent.

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