New computer quandry.

  sprengolet 10:47 08 Jan 2006

My computer is due to be changed, but I am very unsure of whether to buy one with WIndows XP installed or wait until later in the year when I understand Vista will be launched. I think I read that Windows XP can be upgraded to Vista - can anyone reaffirm this,
Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  amonra 10:55 08 Jan 2006

You are ALWAYS going to play catch-up no matter when you buy a new computer. Vista will come in this year (so they promise) and soon after M$ will be upgrading, patching and generally modifying for months. Bite the bullet and buy XP, it's not all bad.

  Belatucadrus 11:08 08 Jan 2006

Depends why you are changing, if your current PC is on ts last legs then waiting is probably pointless as XP remains a stable and usable OS keeping millions of PCs running quite happily. If however your changing because you want to then hanging on a little longer for the "next big thing" may be an idea.

  961 11:15 08 Jan 2006

Vista is unlikely before late in the year if not early next

Then you should really allow 6 months min for the bugs that "normal" users find to be ironed out

I'd be inclined to wait until middle/late 2007 before buying a computer with Vista. If you want to buy before then, stick with xp

  spuds 12:40 08 Jan 2006

Like all new operating systems, there a bound to be some problems on initial introduction. So on that basis, I would use XP or your present programme and wait for the 'beta' results of Vista or Longhorn, whatever Microsoft decides the names going to be.

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