New computer from Overclockers - help needed

  apatia77 12:07 10 Feb 2005

I bought a new computer from as I`d ordered from them many times before and had had no problems at all (only computer part up to 200pounds). Last week I desided to get a new gaming computer from them which advertised as 'an ultimate gaming experience and feature extremely low noise levels, you won't even know its on.' . Well the problem is that this computer is not that quite, its just as loud as my old Time computer (no more computers from Time to many problems with them).

This is not the only problem Ive got with it. Its also got a diffrent case and I think diffrent graphic card (diffrent brand but same model).

It was all fine for me till I instaled windows and all drivers and found that thers something wrong with the sound. I get very annoying noises esspecialy when the volume is quite high. I get it without any reasons. When I move cousor, or open/close new window etc. I tried to install new drivers I even swittch off the sound card but the noises are stiil there. Those sound are even when windows is loading, therefore it sould not have any connection with drivers or other software.

I tried to call Overclockers but thier phones are always busy (i now that they currently exchanging the phone system but they still should answer the calls). There`s now way I can contact them, I tried to call them many times. I can only call them or fax them. As I have not fax I cant do it.

Who`s responsible for all those isues. I received a computer not as advertised. It even doesent work as it should (sound problems). I cant contact the seller. I`m prepared to take a legal action but never done anything like that. I also used credit card to buy this computer, should I contact my credit card provider and ask them for help?

And it is quite expensive computer, almost 1000pounds (no monitor).

Sorry for any grammar/mistakes I made but its best I can do at this momemt.
And thx for any of you help.

  ste_bla 14:10 10 Feb 2005

first off why not registeron the overclocker forums as they might be able to help you more as their member seem to be better at this sorta thing (no offence meant) click here

  JonnyTub 14:55 10 Feb 2005

Send it back and ask for a refund or replacement, not a repair. Get someone who has a fax to help out, or hang in there on the telephone lines.

  apatia77 21:39 10 Feb 2005

First - the registration on overclockers forum has been disabled and I dont have an ISP or academic email to register there anyway.

Second - I`m planing to send a letter (or fax them) to them as it seems imposible to get through to them.

I have heard of many people being banned for anything that shows the company in a bad light as it where....

Best thing is send a letter special delivery....

  PsiFox 13:27 11 Feb 2005

It is in their rules that you cannot discuss shop matters on the forum


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