New Computer - No response so DIY here I come

  danpep5552 15:36 15 Jan 2010

I have obviously misjudged the current economic climate certainly within the computer industry. Business must be good. I left two messages on the PCspecialist web site for a live chat (and as there was no live response - a request by email for answers to my very deliberately minor queries, e.g. payment by credit card?) and when I received no contact I called Cougar (based on reviews here) and was promised a call back by their sales team which after 4 days has not happened. Again a relatively minor issue regarding cases. In reality my main aim was to test service response. I have my answer (or rather not). As someone who has only recently successfully set up a PS3 for my daughter, flushed with that achievement we (me and my computer guru) are putting together a machine of equal or better specification for about the same cost. I will not have a warranty (but individual parts do of course) but in any event I cannot afford to pack up the machine and send it off into the ether, then wait patiently for it to return fixed anyway.

  GaT7 16:03 15 Jan 2010

Good for you danpep5552. All the best with it. Let us know how it goes.

Ever since my first PC in 2002, I've always done self-builds. They have taught me a lot as well. G

  danpep5552 16:21 15 Jan 2010

I have had confirmation from Ebuyer all goodies shipped, that took nearly 3 hours - disgraceful. Shipping was £10.00 for 2 working days. Half the cost of a complete system from you know who, and for a big pile of (hopefully full)boxes too. I almost can't wait.

  donki 16:25 15 Jan 2010

I recently upgraded my motherboard, CPU & RAM and installed a new OS. It really is enjoyable and the help you will get on here is fantastic. To be honest its alot easier than you first think.

  morddwyd 20:20 15 Jan 2010

The feeling you get when the Windows logo comes up for the first time as it loads is pretty good!

  AL47 21:46 15 Jan 2010

ive gone this route cause when i enquired about what the actual components were [ie ram, psu] i got

'what ever we can source'

so im building one myself.. quality parts and shopping around and about 10 parcels, lol

its a lot of money so i dont wanna mess it up!

  danpep5552 22:12 15 Jan 2010

It will be just like xmas, except no wrapping paper (thankfully) and out of the boxes will not come golf ball soap, socks and another M&S rugby shirt. And none of the contents will shrink in the wash.

  AL47 22:18 15 Jan 2010

on mine ive got the
Mobo - Asus P6T[came today]
CPU - i7 920
PSU - 850W corsair TX [heavy]
CPU cooler - notua nh-u12p [huge!]
HDD - 1.5 TB seagate 7200.11

waiting on
GPU - ATI 5850 1GB
RAM 6GB [3x2GB] corsair 1866MHz
Case - lexa blackline S

boxes everywhere!

  mr simon 00:03 16 Jan 2010

Good luck with your new build. I put mine together just yesterday. I forgot to plug in the 4 pin ATX power at first, which made me worry when it wouldn't boot.

The only issue I've had is my DVD drive doesn't work. Despite this, its FAR less problems than I had when my last prebuilt PC Options PC arrived. Its great fun building it and very satisfying knowing you have got exactly the components you want inside the case, with the knowledge of how it all goes together.

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