new computer faulty

  paddy75 15:23 02 Mar 2005

My son who is doing a computer science degree at Queen's universtity Belfast bought a replacment desktop,when he got it home and set it up it prompted him to make a recovery dvd, this he did,it made the dvd but after waiting 40mins to finalize the disc he gave up,he tried another the same result,the Philips combi drive then died completely, not a kick out of it,phoned PC world who came yesterday replaced the drive with an identical one, the repair man even played a dvd film in it to make sure it was working.My son came home from uni and tried to install some software from cd but the drive would only read part of the cd's,i have a computer,my daughter has one and my son a laptop and as this is his 3rd computer, between us we know a bit about them,phoned pc world again tried a few thing no good, man coming again Thurs,what rights have we got regarding this ?can we demand a refund? Paddy
PS the software installed on the other 3 computers with no problem.Paddy

  spuds 15:39 02 Mar 2005

I would suggest that you wait and see what the engineer finds.Perhaps there is a easy solution to the problem, and the engineer may have the answer. PC World would not keep sending an engineer out if it was a software related problem, so I would suspect that they may know something that you do not, at this stage. You could check your consumer rights from click here

  961 15:50 02 Mar 2005

How was it paid for?

  TomJerry 15:59 02 Mar 2005

what kind of CDs cannot be read? CDR or CD-ROM?

Did he install any packet writting software such as InCD with Nero, DirectCd with Roxio, DLA with Sonic?

  paddy75 16:30 02 Mar 2005

Thank's for your replies,he paid cash,no nero incd ect installed,he tried to install BT Broadband again from the installation cd as he has done before also his scanner software .The drive in question is a combi drive it seems to be having problems reading installation cds.It says that certain files are missing and can not continue,even though i know the files are there,as i have said i tried the cds on my comp,my daughters and my sons laptop with no problems.Paddy

  961 17:32 02 Mar 2005

If it was bought recently I would ask for the computer to be changed for a new one

Be courteous. PCWorld generally do well for their customers. Just say it is not up to being fit for its purpose and you would like to have another instead

It really is not up to you to try to sort the thing out and while it may be a fault with the drive why should you not have a perfect job for the money you have paid

Ask to speak to a manager if you have difficulty

  TomJerry 18:11 02 Mar 2005

and then you can install from there

it you can do that, then it is definitely software issue

  Forum Editor 18:50 02 Mar 2005

then there's clearly something amiss. You don't say how long your son has had this machine, but I suggest that you tell PC World that - the Thursday visit notwithstanding - you are reserving your right to reject the computer as 'not fit' under tha sale of goods act. Tell them that you are prepared to wait and see what happens on Thursday before making a final decision.

If a new drive has been fitted and there's still a problem it points to one of three things - a corrupted Windows installation, a fault on the motherboard, or a fault on the replacement drive.

  davidg_richmond 23:25 02 Mar 2005

If its under 28 days old then if a hardware fault is confirmed a replacement base unit can be requested under PC World policy.

  paddy75 10:40 03 Mar 2005

The computer is only a week old,one of the error messages is (cyclic redundancy check) i tried to install Cannon scanner drivers and the drive would not read the cd then all of a sudden it would install now tried it again and it won't also he saved work to floppy for uni today and he rung me to say that when he tried to open it he got the same error message (cyclic redundancy check).There is a multi card reader that i tried to read a MS and SD card but it would'nt read them. Get back to you later Paddy

  961 11:31 03 Mar 2005

Cyclic redundancy checking relates to the checking of data streams as they travel, for example, along the cable from the various drives on the computer.

An error could be caused, I guess, by a damaged or faulty cable or by any other damaged component

In view of the age of the computer I would suggest asking for it to be changed. The alternative is for an engineer to establish where the fault lies but I strongly advise getting a replacement computer. It shouldn't be a problem

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