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  spottedheadstand 17:42 02 Apr 2006

Right then, I've got £1000 to spend on a new complete system. I want it for general use (ie. web, email, general office type stuff) and also for games...
The dilemna is - who to buy from. And no, I am not going to build one myself as I aint got the time or inclination!
So. Mesh... I can get a good specced system with nice bells and whistles for the budget. Like the look of a Titan 2 GS (£900) (click here). But, having read all the stuff on forums I'm a bit uncertain.
Otherwise I've looked at Cube247 an Epsilon (click here) ST4 (£900)or a Pulsar (click here) (£1000) or an Evesham but they're pricey.
It would be good if someone could just stat me up a bit on the pros and cons of the system specs. I know I want an AMD, and seems worth getting a dual core for future. Graphics cards confuse me though... The Pulsar's got an Radeon x800, the Epsilon a Radeon x1300, the Mesh an nVidia 7300... ?!?
So basically - which to get, who from, and if not are there other systems that'll do (ie. am I slavering over a high spec system when one for £600 will do!) Thanks in advance!

  lee_robinson1983 11:30 03 Apr 2006

Have a look at the mesh posts and responses in this forum before making a decision on them, makes for interesting reading.

try click here for a good cheap custom system, also check out what people say on the forums about them.

  961 11:46 03 Apr 2006

From what you say the advice is to read the reviews in the computer magazines, as much to work out what you want as to choose the maker

Just a couple of points

I'd normally include Dell, but if you are into games they are probably not first choice

It's difficult to recommend the smaller manufacturers partly because the experience can vary wildly in shorts periods of time

Mesh ads will give a good idea of value points but you are a bit uncertain and I wouldn't argue

Evesham has been around a while and builds good systems. After sales service seems better than many. As you say they aren't the cheapest but at your budget point I don't think that should be top priority

I wouldn't necessarily rule out Intel. Some of their latest budget processors have caught up with AMD so far as graphics and video are concerned

Have a look round PCWorld. They are good for browsing and looking at the quality of the performance especially of monitors and graphics performance. They do also sell some good reliable systems and you avoid the dreaded mail order difficulties such as DFAGH. (dropped from a great height)

  donki 11:59 03 Apr 2006

I got my MESH last week, everythin went great excellent machine that really looks the part and flys through everythin i need it for so far. Any questions give me a shout. I found MESH a ppleasure to use.

  DrScott 12:56 03 Apr 2006

click here

It's come very highly reccommended by custom PC magazine who are very into their high-end PCs.

Be aware that AMD dual cores are now more expensive than Pentium dual cores, so actually the pentium versions are probably better value for money. And if gaming is really your thing, it's the graphics card that will make the biggest difference - X800 is a decent card and will cope with most of what you throw at it.

  chamoclafastic 15:33 03 Apr 2006

Seriously you could save yourself up to 200 quid if you built it yourself

  spottedheadstand 19:31 03 Apr 2006

There's always Dell 9150 click here - twice the ram as the others...
I've read all the Mesh stuff on the site - that's why they terrify me, be just my luck to be another unlucky punter.

  electronics-king 09:33 04 Apr 2006

I have always trusted Protroniks, click here, they have always given me good customer service and they only buid using AMD processors. Even their "under-powered" pc's are some of the fastest I have owned.

  DrScott 10:29 12 Apr 2006

So what did you buy?!

  wjrt 20:16 12 Apr 2006

good spec good graphics for games

click here

  Totally-braindead 20:21 12 Apr 2006

You can't save money building it for yourself I'm afraid, even if you had the time and inclination, which you say you don't. The only way you can build a system cheaper than a manufacturer is to either buy bits second hand or use a lot of your existing PC as part of the build. If you want a system the same as a manufacturer will supply with all new parts and you build it yourself it will cost more.

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