New Computer

  Insomnia 12:34 25 Feb 2008

Am looking to buy a new computer, have just got a nice new monitor so am looking for something to match.

Looking for a machine that can play Civ 4, MTW2, and upcoming titles like Spore and Conan: Age of Hyboria.

My budget is £500 - 750 may stretch a little more for something good. Any suggestions? or good websites for places to start?


  Tlind 12:41 25 Feb 2008

This is for me also. I am looking to buy from COUGAR EXTREME, but they have not yet given me a response to my email.
If you are reading this cougar extreme team, can you let me know if you will deliver to my place of work (you say on your website that billing address must match posting address). The reason being that i am not at home during the day and i know sometimes there can be problems with collection and delivery, my place of work is more reliable and would be more convenient.
For me, it is a selling point as i may end up going to Mesh who are just round the corner from me and picking up a machine on site. If you could let me know?

  tullie 12:43 25 Feb 2008

If you want to talk to Cougar,this is not the place to do it.

  Terry Brown 14:00 25 Feb 2008

The reason the delivery address must be the same as the billing address (credit card address) is you could be using a stolen card (or someone else)and trying to be goods fraudulently .

By all means go to another company if that is your choice, after all it is your money.

  Tlind 14:42 25 Feb 2008

'If you want to talk to Cougar,this is not the place to do it.'

Fair enough, although I see from other posts that Cougar extreme regularly comments on these forums and i thought, having no luck with email, that i might get a quicker response here.

Also, thank you for pointing out that I have a choice and it is my money.

  GaT7 14:50 25 Feb 2008

Have a look at the couple of Dells I suggested here click here, with a quad-core, 4Gb RAM & 8800GT graphics for £775-750. As you don't need the monitor you could knock off around £100-120.

To get the above at the price, don't forget to: 1. Tweak the spec exactly as stated (minus monitor too as applicable)
2. Go through Quidco
3. Apply the 10% voucher
4. Buy it by 27/02 (as the 10% code, etc will expire)

If you're OK to swap graphics cards out (replace it with a better one & sell the original), I could do you one with a Q6600, 4Gb RAM & a 8800GTX for around £700. G

  The Kestrel 17:06 25 Feb 2008

You will get an instant response form Cougar if you ring them rather than use a forum thread.

I arranged with Cougar to pick up my new PC from the local depot of the couriers for the same reason as you have.

  Cougar Extreme 20:27 25 Feb 2008

Sorry that your email has not been responded to, in answer to your question we do have procedures in place to allow customers to have their machine delivered to a different address as long as they comply with the extra security checks we will ask of them, please feel free to email [email protected] for a full description of the procedure, failing that as mentioned in this post feel free to contact us where a member of staff will be willing to help you further.

Yours truly,

The Cougar Gang

  oldestgit 21:20 25 Feb 2008

Whats the word on this beast?
The spec looks good to me and as its a run out model the price is good as well.
Has anyone bought one - got good/bad things to say?
Any info welcome, but soon please - I dont want to miss the last few in the stores.
Regards + thanks

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