slysy 00:06 15 Oct 2004

What are peoples views an BT's new TV advert for broadband showing one of its advantages being able download music faster?

  Forum Editor 00:35 15 Oct 2004

but there are plenty of perfectly legitimate music download sites, and that's what BT is driving at.

  Stuartli 09:47 15 Oct 2004

Tiscali has run an entertainment and music download club for quite a while now:

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:59 15 Oct 2004

You pay to download...can't see what you are getting at.


  t.long 21:29 15 Oct 2004

Like the FE said there are plenty of legal music downloads, it is a legitimate part of the internet. Yes there are alot of illegial ones, but saying BT should not advertise music downloads, is like saying they [BT] should not provide email because it can be used for spam.

  mikef. 14:05 16 Oct 2004

Particularly seeing they have their own music site in conjunction with Yahoo called Launch

  rdave13 21:34 16 Oct 2004

Brilliant at supplying phone services.the rest is debateable.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:08 16 Oct 2004

I have been using BT Broadband 1Mbps since 19th February this year, 1 week after the exchange was enabled,and the service has been faultless. So not just their phone services are good.

  Noelg23 11:38 19 Oct 2004

Brilliant at supplying phone services
the service has been faultless

I beg to differ on these boys...I happen to work for BT Faults and use to work for the Broadband side too...try telling that to the thousands of customers we get screaming down the line that say their phone is not working and has not been working for a number of days...never mind weeks! saying that our phoneline has been fine since we moved in...and the broadband is like clockwork (but it aint from BT!)

  anchor 14:05 19 Oct 2004

On top of that, BT charges for phone calls are higher than can be found elsewhere.

Actually, I like the TV ad. As FE and others say, this does not imply, or encourage, illegal downloading.

However, I will stay with Pipex Solo 500, which is a bit cheaper for a 512 service and, unlike BT, has no bandwidth limits.

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