New all in one printer suggestions

  john bunyan 19:22 11 Oct 2014

I have a Canon MP 640 which I like and use for all printing - good as a photo printer, which I need. Today it malfunctioned with a "Error B22 - contact your service centre". I Googled for suggestions and tried all of them - in particular cleaning the print head etc etc, all to no avail. Maybe the print head circuit is damaged and a new one is about £50. The existing machine has a top paper feed - which I prefer, plus a bottom cassette. I need to replace it quickly and can get a Canon MG5450 or MG 6460 for £75 and £89 respectively. The 6450 is at Staples who will exchange my stock of inks (I keep 3 of each of 5!). I think these only have a bottom cassette, but I assume they print multi pages? Any views?

I am loathe to change to another brand.

  lotvic 19:52 11 Oct 2014

As I'm also looking for a new printer I've been looking at the PCPRO reviews for both of those, good write-up comparison of features ClickHere for the MG6450 and it has link to same for MG 5450. Might help you to decide.

  john bunyan 20:01 11 Oct 2014


Thanks; they both seem OK and I need one quickly so will probably get the MG 6450 at Staples (£84.99) as they will swap my spare MP 650 cartridges. I do not think either has a top paper feed, as my existing MP 640 has.

  lotvic 22:55 11 Oct 2014

Yes, seems they only have bottom paper tray.

I'm going to browse a few more printers specs on click here

  Sapins 19:53 12 Oct 2014

There is a chance if it's similar to Epsons that the "counter" has reached its limit, I just turned my RX620 off and held down the stop and back and white buttons while I turned it back on, worked a treat.

  john bunyan 09:40 13 Oct 2014


My previous machine did something like that but the message was "Waste ink pads full". It was too difficult to take apart so I followed Dr Google's advice to reset the counter. A few weeks later a small ink puddle appeared on the counter , staining it with waste ink. Silly designs on these machines, having no external, empty able waste tank - built in obsolescence.. I am thinking of buying a new print head at £65 - because I like the top paper feed and if it works will extend the life of my MP640 . If not I will have wasted it! Annoying that the machines I like only have bottom feed these days.

  wee eddie 14:38 13 Oct 2014

Have you visited YouTube and entered the name of your Printer into the Search box.

You might be surprised at what emerges

  john bunyan 17:01 13 Oct 2014

As I need a printer in a hurry and have got used to Canon (previously used Epson) I have found that a replacement print head for my 4/5 year old MP640 would cost £ 65 with only an 80% chance of working, and at the age it is I suspect the "Waste ink full" is due soon. As I want the paper Auto feed I have bitten the bullet and ordered a Canon MX 925 at £110 from Currys, available tomorrow in store. I spoke to Canon on the phone; this has 5 ink tanks and is like the MG 6450 in terms of photo printing but also has Automatic paper feed and Fax facilities - plus all the usual wireless etc. I thought it worth the extra £11 compared with the MG 6450 at Staples. My local Cartridge world and Staples have agreed to swap my unopened Ink cartridges for the new ones. It got a good review in PCA. Need it now so have no time for more homework. Should I uninstall software for my MP640 before installing new one, I wonder.

Thanks for all the inputs!

  john bunyan 17:03 13 Oct 2014

wee eddie

I tried all the "solutions" on You tube and Google. Spent hours on it; if I were to value my time, spent far more than a new machine!

  Border View 17:06 13 Oct 2014

I have the Canon MX925. Although it has two bottom trays (not a top feeder) Photopaper goes in one tray and A4 ordinary paper in the other. I have found it very good. Always liked Canon.

  Border View 17:10 13 Oct 2014

I didn't uninstall any software from previous Canon printers, just installed the MX925. No problems.

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