New Aldi Medion

  Zurdo 16:41 20 Mar 2010

Goes on sale next Thursday, See click here Looks like decent spec and will probably sell fast as usual.
I have had three Medion desktops and all are still going fine albeit this one I'm using needing a new dvd drive and a graphics card, but it is after all 8 years old!

  citadel 21:37 21 Mar 2010

looks ok if your not a gamer.

  Waldoc85 21:41 21 Mar 2010

Just out of interest what is the average queuing time these days for a Medion desktop ??

  birdface 10:36 22 Mar 2010

5 minutes probably.
If you are not in the front of the queue when aldi opens you have little chance of getting one.
I think the 3 years warranty that you get helps.

  canarieslover 12:49 22 Mar 2010

Only thing wrong with the warranty is that they now go back to Germany for repair. Mine was away for 38 days for a duff power supply. Makes the Tech Guys turnaround look good.

  jakimo 16:34 22 Mar 2010

Not the bargain they used too be,as there are many competing in the same price & quality range.

Incidentally mine was away in Germany for 53 days and they reneged on their 3 year warranty to boot, Medion UK told a lot of porkies when I was chasing the progress of my non repair

  961 16:45 22 Mar 2010

While these are well specified and up to date I don't think they are in any way below the price one would expect to pay. The three year warranty looks difficult if any work involves shipping back to Germany as can be seen from the above examples

My experience has been that, if the computer works out of the box and for the first 3 months, it's quite likely to work until you are ready to replace it and a 3 year warranty may be unnecessary if it hikes up the price

There is an argument for a Dell computer (probably from their business desktop range) where an on site warranty can often be had for under £50, unless you are wanting a computer for gaming

  Hercule Marple 17:21 22 Mar 2010

It's sort of alright, but I'm not sure who it's aimed at. A serious PC gamer wouldn't go for it, and if you're not a gamer you might as well just buy a bog standard £300 desktop PC.

  canarieslover 19:20 22 Mar 2010

Mine had got to 11 months old before dying. I had not even given the power supply any additional work to do in the way of more drives etc., and I dont even play games. My belief that it is just not a good power supply as the replacement seems to be now playing up, fan speeding up & slowing down with no increase in load. I shan't bother Medion again, I'll replace it myself.

  pjwheeldon 14:09 24 Mar 2010

When a PC is built to a price point, the "unexciting" bits such as PSU's DVD drives, etc tend to be sourced as cheaply as possible.

This does not mean that all with fail of course, and for the ones who don't experience a failure there will be no problem. However, there is an increased risk of a failure, and it is then that the "back to Germany" warranty will really bite.

It is a balancing act to decide if it is worth the risk of a failure and subsequent inconvenience against the attractiveness of the price and spec.

  Matt Egan 14:27 24 Mar 2010

I wouldn't like to personally endorse any PC manufacturer, and the points above about inexpensive parts are certainly true, but Medion has a very strong track record as an electronics manufacturer, and recently won our reader vote for PC Brand of the Year:

click here

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