New 4x DVD rewriter...

  Stuartli 13:04 22 Jan 2003
  Stuartli 13:04 22 Jan 2003

Just noticed that Scan of Bolton is listing a new Teach 4x write DVD rewriter on its TodayOnly page - double the speed available to date.

Price is £189 plus VAT so no doubt the current models will continue on the downward prices spiral.

click here

  mcullum_DX4Life 13:41 22 Jan 2003

I recently purchased this click here - it is seriously fast but you have to get the right disks for it. Dont do a firmware upste on it otherwise you can only use pioneer disks which are sumthing like £4.99 each!

I didnt know whether to get one or not as my 48x LiteOn cdrw was doing me fine (i burn an awful lot of back-up etc) but unfortunatly it died on me last night so getting the DVDR drive has been justified lol!

  Stuartli 16:29 22 Jan 2003

If you have a 48x (write speed presumably) Lite-On rewriter than it must be quite recent and, accordingly, still under warranty?

Re the Pioneer drive you highlight - I have the Pioneer 116 (16x) DVD-ROM drive; it's a belter and when I bought it was regarded as the best available.

  Tenner 18:25 22 Jan 2003

Can you explain 'firmware upste' please ?



  Tenner 18:27 22 Jan 2003

Can you explain 'firmware upste' please ?

errrr ... 'setup ' ? slower than usual today, I guess



  Stuartli 19:15 22 Jan 2003

Firmware is similar to updating your BIOS but, unless it is a desperate measure, it's something to avoid!

If it all goes pear shaped then you are left with a useless drive...:-(

  mcullum_DX4Life 19:34 22 Jan 2003

well my boss got the same drive, and he did a firmware update to cure a "supposed" problem which turned out to be a software error. Anyway, since doing the update he has to buy pioneer disks as it wont work on any others, yet mine works fine on almost all gen 4 disks.

Yes my LiteOn is still under warrenty for about 3 or 4 months, but i bought it from PC World so i figure its best to probably just leave it lol!

  Stuartli 19:44 22 Jan 2003

Get in touch direct with Lite-On - it has a website - and avoid any problems with PC World.

It will almost certainly prove very accommodating in the way you are treated and my guess is that you will be given a new one - perhaps even a 52x, although this is pushing the technology to the absolute limit....:-)

  DerekR 22:26 23 Jan 2003

I recently bought a Ricoh DVD burner off PC world, and after a week of frantic burning of all the Disney stuff that was hogging up 30gb of space on my HD, the damn thing died.

Out it came, back into the box (less the 4 sample DVD's and CD's supplied)and hi-tailed it back to PCW in Birkenhead.

After I explained my problem, the chap just asked what error message I was getting, and when I told him "device I/O error", he simply picked up a new drive still srunk wrapped, stamped my receipt as "exchanged", and apollogised.

I tried to not look suprised, thanked him, and got out as fast as I could just incase my luck changed!! he never even removed to new disks, so I gained 1 x DVD+R, 1 DVD+RW, 1 x CD+R and 1 x DVD+RW... thanks PC world!

After following a lot of horror stories on here regarding this organisation, I felt it only right to share my (pleasant) experience of that store. Perhaps the culture is changing.....

The moral of the story is, if you don't try, you won't get.. just be polite. You never know, it just might work for you too.

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