New 10" Tablet

  john bunyan 15:43 17 Jan 2013

I have been looking at 10" tablets. I like the iPad but the Samsung Gemini and the Google Nexus have some plusses and are arguably better value. I was about to buy the Nexus 32 gig,but it is unavailable. On their website there is no indication of when it will be around. I phoned Google, and I must say that for a huge company, their marketing is diabolical, as the agent had no clue on this issue. I am pretty sure that if I were their chief buyer, I would get some promises from Samsung , rather than a total blank. At least you would think they would put some indication out, even if it weeks or months ahead. They do not deserve the business , even if their product is good value.

  rockymast 15:35 19 Jan 2013

Put your anger into action. Get yourself an iPad. Android is anyways not the best tablet OS around.

  mark2 19:54 19 Jan 2013

I'd been watching the nexus in the run up to xmas, planning to get one myself. However when it appeared to coming in to stock I didn't order as their site stated "shipping shortly", within a day or 2 that then changed to "sold out".

Got fed up with waiting and went to pc world, got the Galaxy note 10.1 @£355 added a 16gb sd card @£15 and a £20 case. Works out cheaper than the Nexus 32gb, seems to hold it's own against the ipad in everything other than pixel count. I'm well pleased with it

It's happened a further 2 times since the beginning of the year too, glad I didn't wait.

  john bunyan 18:45 20 Jan 2013

Thanks for responses. I am debating the iPad 32 gig versus the Samsung. The Retina iPad is £479 plus bits and bobs (new leads etc) Same price as a laptop. The Samsung has some "better" features such as memory expansion, word processing compatible with Word, etc. Do I need the "Note" version of Samsung? Decisions, decisions!

  Woolwell 22:18 20 Jan 2013

The iPad using the Pages app (extra cost) is compatible with Word. It is quite easy to transfer word docs to iPad using iTunes, Dropbox or email.

iCloud sync works well with MS Outlook.

I've had a brief play with a Samsung tablet but have had an iPad2 for nealry 2 years and have absolutely no regrets. Very easy to use and straightforward. I have the 32 Gb version and have plenty of room.

  Forum Editor 00:45 21 Jan 2013

"....have had an iPad2 for nearly 2 years and have absolutely no regrets."

Ditto to that. I haven't yet seen anything that comes close enough to make me consider a change.

  john bunyan 09:24 21 Jan 2013

Thank you both. I think I will go for the iPad in view of your comments. Can't green tick but there you go!

  Woolwell 10:59 21 Jan 2013

Of course you will need to add a cover into the price but it is still a good buy.

  john bunyan 11:16 21 Jan 2013

Thanks. I think I may get a case with a keyboard, a screen saver and a lead that converts the new "lightening" socket into the old one and HDMI, to use it for watching iPlayer etc on a bigger TV.


  john bunyan 11:21 21 Jan 2013

PS this adapter, presumably, would allow connection to my iPod docks for sound.

  Woolwell 11:47 21 Jan 2013

I haven't got an iPod or dock so don't know about that.

What I find is really good is the hdmi connector adaptor through which the iPad connects to the TV. You get a mirror image of the iPad on the TV filling the screen. This is ideal for showing photos to friends/family at the risk of boring them and can be used for BBC iplayer, internet and videos all with sound.

I haven't found a great need for a keyboard and have not used one with the iPad.

Do you have an iPhone? If so the Photostream works well.

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