Never thought I'd say this but well done Microsoft

  Kate B 16:42 11 Apr 2005

I've been constantly infuriated by the mouse creep I mentioned in another thread and so waded through the Microsoft site this morning to see if I could find someone to report the bug to.

It took a while to find an online form (it's well-hidden) but since then I've been in email conversation with a chap called Andy at Microsoft who's looking into it.

Thus far his suggestions have been pretty basic: reinstall the mouse, scan for spyware etc. But at least it's a real human being and he's interested. He thinks (as we agreed in the forum) that it's an SP2 issue.

I'll keep you posted ...

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:52 11 Apr 2005

I, just occasionally, get the same problem with a Logitech trackball. Sometimes the cursor just starts to wander off on it's own toward the left of the screen, if I move the ball a little it stops.

  pauldonovan 16:55 11 Apr 2005

That I came across and posted in your other topic on this?

  Stuartli 18:04 11 Apr 2005

I was once asked to open a Publisher file (it was version 2000 or even higher), which is not compatible with earlier versions.

I never did manage it and posted the problem on the Microsoft forums; a few hours later the assistant manager of the Waldorf Hotel in New York (who was a moderator) suggested I sent him the file and he would convert it for me.

Without hesitation I did and got it back shortly afterwards in readable form, along with an invitation to look him up next time I was in New York...:-)

  LastChip 19:19 11 Apr 2005

It's not spyware, Trojans or anything like that causing your problem.

I have a machine here that is a brand new install with SP2 and all the latest patches, has very little software added and it suffers from a "creepy mouse"! As it goes through a KVM switch and is a brand new "track ball/mouse" combined, I put it down to either the switch combination or poor drivers that need to be developed further. But reading your post, perhaps that is not the case. Interestingly, (now I think about it) it doesn't happen on any other of the eight operating systems I use.

Keep us informed please of Microsoft's progress (or not)!

  Kate B 21:59 11 Apr 2005

pauldonovan, yes, I did try the setting suggested in that link - thanks for that. It didn't make any difference ...

and I'll certainly keep you all posted on whatever the outcome is. I think this experience plus that of Stuartli's restores my faith in Microsoft.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:03 11 Apr 2005

I am not the only one that has this problem.

It is a very cheap cordless optical mouse i got for christmas,and assumed it did this because it was cheap,I don't think its SP2's fault because it was the same before Sp2.

Goodluck and yes,keep us posted kate,it would be nifty if this could be solved,but i am not bothered about it.


  The Spires 22:04 11 Apr 2005

Kate B, what originally destroyed your faith in M$?

  Forum Editor 23:37 11 Apr 2005

so forgive me if you've tried this.
Look in your windows\system32\drivers folder and locate two files:



Rename them both with _temp, and then look for a folder called: $NtServicePackUninstall (it will be in C\Windows)

In it, find the same two files, and put them into your windows\system32\drivers folder. See what happens. If it doesn't work, revert the files to their previous state.

  Forum Editor 19:30 12 Apr 2005

with this Kate?

  pauldonovan 20:01 12 Apr 2005

..i've found Microsoft to often 'go the extra mile'. A few examples...

A 'real' person on their Migration from NT 4 to Win 2003 site (via one of those live chat thingies) who spent quite some time with me on this subject offering excellent advice (despite it really going well into 'free' consultancy). OK so it was effectively pre-sales but still quite impressed.

Microsoft US answering a support call from UK by a guy that works for me, out of hours, despite us not having any kind of out of hours support agreement (or any other direct support agreement!)- he couldn't get hold of UK but these guys didn't fuss, they helped him out (quite a bit of time) and even followed-up afterwards to see if all ok! (It was a bit of an emergency and arguably caused by MS in the first place but hey still quite pleased!!!!)

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