Never think of using Premium Techs!!

  danielweber4 16:07 27 Jul 2018

I consider myself rational but even I fell for the trap set by these frauds. These scamming thieves ( have set up a very convincing website. Their claims of web and app design services seem genuine and it is very difficult to be skeptical of their authenticity. I am very careful when I make an online purchase. I went through their website several times. They have a live chat service which seemed very helpful in the beginning. So after a lot of thinking I decided to take their app design service for my business. The information and claims about their expertise was very impressive. I thought I was going to get great end product. But what end product? I did not even receive a thank you from them for giving away so much money to them for nothing. Zero. Naught! I advise you, don’t make the mistake I made. I made the full payment but received any acknowledgment from them. No reply, no service! No one picks up the phone. I have been robbed!

  Forum Editor 13:31 28 Jul 2018

All the details about the domain registrant in the WHOIS lookup is marked "GDPR Masked', meaning that the registrant has chosen not to share any information such as names or addresses. That is perfectly legal under the new EU privacy laws.

The UK address given for the company on its website is difficult to trace - the road that is given consists mainly of private houses.

The American address is a shop called 'Postal Annexe' which provides mailbox facilities.

Lots of the links on the website do not work, and some of the grammar in the text leaves much to be desired - hardly what you expect from a business that advertises itself by saying:- "Welcome to World's Leading Software,Information Technology Company" Note the absence of 'the' before 'World's'.

I have written to the email address they provide, informing them of your post, and asking if they would care to comment. Any serious business is going to respond pretty quickly to an email like that. Let's see what happens after the weekend.

Presumably you paid by credit card? If you did, you might want to consider contacting your card provider to tell them what has happened.

How long is it since you made the payment?

  Forum Editor 17:52 28 Jul 2018

I have received a response from the company, saying that your allegation is not true, and that you have posted 'propaganda' about them.

  danielweber4 17:56 28 Jul 2018

Okay. Let me show the proofs of the scam.

  danielweber4 18:07 28 Jul 2018

click here click the links to see the proofs. And if they are honest, Please tell them to reply my message.



  Forum Editor 18:26 28 Jul 2018

Please provide answers to the following questions:-

  1. What exactly did you order?
  2. Do you have a written confirmation of the order from the company?
  3. How much did you pay?
  4. When did you pay?
  5. How did you pay?
  danielweber4 18:39 28 Jul 2018

Just allow me some time to give the specific answers of the questions.

  fernandofg 19:44 28 Jul 2018

Hi, I am iDownload, danielweber4 is my partner We both was scammed for web hosting services and him for an app he ordered for a total of 1800usd.

Forum Editor, with all due respect, when you have seen a scammer accept that he is a scammer. I believe never.

I am doing right now a FB page about them, is not finished yet, but you can see some proofs here click here are not the only peoples scammed, there are more

Also please, visit my post on DP and also read the comments of ''sarahk'' click here, why I will be lossing my time doing this, I have better things to do, but they scammed me BIG for a 20tb server. This is not going to be forgotten, people need to know this and stay away from that fraudulent company.

Thanks for your time

We Look

  fernandofg 21:55 28 Jul 2018

They are 1 or 2 Pakistan guys, sitting on Pakistan trying to run a scam site, they dont have offices in UK or USA or anywhere, he is well trained because he have worked in the past in a hosting company, so he know the business and any one, after treat with them is easely to fall in the trap, because as I said, they know the business, they know about hosting, about servers, about CPUs, about bandwidth, about everything, thats why is easily to fall in the trap.

Hope this can be usefull for any one before they make a mistake.


  fernandofg 00:06 29 Jul 2018

They are from Pakistan because I have their wester union adress

[IMG][click here]1

  fernandofg 00:08 29 Jul 2018

They are from Pakistan because I have their wester union adress

click here

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