Never dealing with Ebuyer ever again

  @lchemist 18:09 14 May 2003

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I finally got authorisation to return the RAM and posted it off yesterday (13/5/03), but today a printer that I ordered from Ebuyer came through; any guesses what happened? They've sent me the wrong printer. So that's two wrong items sent in two orders! I was willing to accept that the first time it was a one off mistake, but this just takes the biscuit. It took a week for the last request to come back, this one will probably take the same. Rest assured I'm never dealing with Ebuyer again.

  BT 09:27 18 May 2003

I've bought lots of things from Ebuyer and always had good service.When I was building my new PC they sent me an extra Floppy drive instead of a CD/DVD rom. A message on their coms page brought a CD/DVD Rom NEXT day and I got to keep the extra Floppy drive with their compliments.

  AMD 4 ever 10:07 18 May 2003

bt you are in the rare and minority, there service stinks.I stopped using them for there service is poor...price is great but they so lack professional manner and after sales. there is never any matter of urgency...and the one thing that drives me mad is the call c/services and it takes over and hour to speak to someone..joke! they need to improve to gain my business back.

  two00lbwaster 10:45 18 May 2003

lol even changing an item when it was awaiting dispatch i havent had anything wrong with any orders that i have placed with ebuyer. i have no qualms with their service and i think that their new product reveiw system is excellent addition to the site

  [email protected] 11:32 18 May 2003

I have used Ebuyer for the first time last week,I ordered (2) 550 watt psu components from them and also a Panasonic 128Mb Smart media card for my Digital camera. As it was my first ever encounter with them. I can honestly say they fulfilled their committment buy sending the goods on the very same day they said they would and all (as you would expect) in perfect working order and correctly packaged. Suffice is to say my next encounter may be different judging by other peoples bad expieriences I'll have to suck it and see. WATCH THIS SPACE

  Totally-braindead 12:19 18 May 2003

I used to deal with Ebuyer a lot, the first 5 or 6 orders were fine but the last 3 were a total disaster. The final order of 12 items sent, 9 were faulty. You've no idea how much time and money this cost me. I too will never deal with them again. It took me about 2-3 months to get it all sorted. I've had problems with other companies of course but in all the other cases the faulty items were replaced no problem, quickly and with items that actually worked, unlike the items Ebuyer sent as replacements. I know there are happy customers out there and best of luck to them but I personally think you're better going elsewhere.

  chrisquinn 13:36 18 May 2003

I ordered a mouse from them (approx £3) and they sent me a 52x CD-Rom drive (approx £15)! So, may I suggest we all order really cheap products from them and see what goodies we get....

  @lchemist 13:38 18 May 2003

Glad to know I'm not alone. I was once in the camp of thinking that some people may have had the odd problem, but it was unlikely to happen to me. But two messed up orders in a row? That's not something I want to be dealing with in the future. Can anybody suggest some good retailers that would be worth dealing with? I'd appreciate that!

  Totally-braindead 15:35 18 May 2003

Try and also and I've dealt with them all, non of them are perfect of course however, the nice thing about these companies is ,if there is a problem with an order they'll sort it out. Very unlike some companies....

  BT 09:36 06 Feb 2004

I'm sorry all you people seem to have all this trouble with E Buyer, but I have recently purchased a printer, a Freeview Box and a new optical mouse - all on seperate occasions and all have been delivered promptly and in good order. My son uses them a lot and as far as I know has no complaints. The problem with these threads is it is usually only the people who have had a problem who write in. The many people who have had good service don't usually bother and it paints a bad picture.

  georgemac 09:48 06 Feb 2004

in the past. I recently bought a cheap cordless keyboard and mouse, which failed just after a week of use. I got the RMA number within 3 days, and will send it off this morning for a refund, although having to pay postage will probably cost half the price of the product. Lesson learned, pay more for a quality product.

I think the product review system they have introduced is excellent, for us and them, as I'm sure they want to sell good products as the returns process cost's them as well as us.

I urge customers to use the review system to help others.

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