Never bought a faulty item!

  Mister Splendid©® 09:39 13 Jul 2004

In the 5 years since I first decided to buy my own pc, a Gateway P3 450 still doing service with a friend, I have never purchased a piece of hardware, from any source, which has proved to be faulty when new or later gone wrong. Does this make me unusual? Or is this kind of experience commomplace? I would be interested to read your thoughts on this.

  TomJerry 10:51 13 Jul 2004

I have used PCs for 19 years and gone through over 20 PCs, some famous brand, some noname, some DIY, some laptops, some desktops. Only had one harddrive failed.

Most errors are human errors if you ask any tech support guys.

  spuds 11:54 13 Jul 2004

I do not think that it makes you unusual,as the reliabilty ratio of most products nowadays is very high.That is why a great number of retail stores can offer 3 year 'free' warranty on their products.

  rewired 12:55 13 Jul 2004

Nor I, until 2 weeks ago,then I got 3 on the bounce ! Two dodgy kv switches in succesion from EBuyer and a dodgy router from Amazon. Still trying to recover £26 worth of postage and insurance.

  Mister Splendid©® 13:44 13 Jul 2004

This confirms what I think when reading in this forum. The usual problem of people making a lot of noise when things go wrong, but keeping quite about it when things go right.

  smokingbeagle 13:46 13 Jul 2004

Electronic goods are generally very reliable. Mind you my Sinclair ZX80 back in 1980 needed a rubberband to hold the 16K(!) RAM in place and a cold carton of milk on top of the voltage regulator to stop it crashing.

  Sans le Sou 14:34 13 Jul 2004

Hell - Well when the evil day catches up with you, we will never know it as no doubt you will "grin and bear it"

  Totally-braindead 14:37 13 Jul 2004

Mister Splendid©® you do see several threads full of praise for certain companies, but bearing in mind that if you buy an item and it arrives when its meant to and actually works then you're only getting what you pay for, praise for companies that do this is irrelevant to a certain degree. Perhaps thats the wrong word ( I know what I mean I'm just not expressing it too well) but naturally there are many more threads about companies that fail to come up with the goods, of course a lot of people are asking advice about where they stand legally when something does go wrong. Now from my experience (such as it is) my definition of a good company is not just one that delivers the correct working item when they tell you it will (because surely thats what you're paying for) but a company when things go wrong that sort it out in a minimal amount of time and fuss. I reckon I've built about 30 PCs in the past 5 or so years and I've had faulty or incorrect parts from all the companies I've bought from with one exception. Now this is probably tempting fate somewhat but all the items I've bought from Novatech have arrived when they are meant to in good working order and have been the items I actually bought. (Quick prayer - "please the next time I place an order don't make me regret my words" ).

  Sans le Sou 15:21 13 Jul 2004

Nice one

  Mister Splendid©® 18:10 13 Jul 2004

Wash your mouth out with soap, I built my own pc!!


I agree with what you are saying. I've been most fortunate that I have not had to test the after sales service of retailers I have used.

  g0nvs 18:18 13 Jul 2004

We have s Sharp Microwave Cooker nearly 22 yrs old & still going strong albeit had to change the bulb once !!!

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