Network MFD

  acfc 13:59 22 Dec 2007

I'm looking to buy a scanner to transfer all my old photos onto my PC and thought I would take the opportunity to get a reasonable quality Networked Printer/Scanner.

Once I have transferred all the pics I'll be a relatively low user but want the convenience of printing and scanning from any of my PCs

I've only found the Brother DCP-770CW but the scanning resolution looks low

Any suggestions?

  Kemistri 00:22 23 Dec 2007

Expand your product options, now and in the future, by buying a good MFD and a print server. Unlike printers, print servers do not date rapidly or provide a short lifespan. This option opens you up to the best mid-range MFDs around: Canon.

That said, if you are an acknowledged low user, can you justify the need for remote printing without powering up its host? If I didn't have a print server built into a network USB hub, I'm not sure that I would bother. And I'm not a low user.

  acfc 08:30 23 Dec 2007


My main home/office PC which would be the host is provided by my business and is password protected so no other user could print if I was out. Moving the MFD to another PC is possible but it would end up in a bedroom rather than the office.

That said can you advise how a print server works differently from a network printer as I'm happy to look at any options

Could you recommend a specific Canon unit?

Thanks for your input

  acfc 08:56 23 Dec 2007

I've now looked into a print server which looks like a good solution (and reasonably cheap)

If I go that way I really only need a good quality scanner for my photos (not transparencies)as I have a reasonable HP printer already and most servers seem to take 2 USB devices.

So any suggestions?

  acfc 08:31 25 Dec 2007

Any scanner recommendations ~ I want to buy myself a Christmas pressy in the sales

  MCE2K5 00:21 26 Dec 2007

Check all these out, Scroll down each page and look for "Max Scan Resolution:", They are all about the same Output, Except the dearest (I like that one) ;-)

1: click here

2: click here

3: click here

4: click here

5: click here

6: click here

7: click here

8: click here

9: click here

Happy Shopping.

  acfc 08:42 26 Dec 2007


Thanks for that and yes I liked the dearest as well.

I am trying to work out what's wrong with the cheaper HP C5180 as it seems to have most of the functions of the 6310 & 7210 (excluding fax which i don't need)

Is it just an older model or am I missing something?

I don't mind spending more I just don't like to throw money away!

  interzone55 17:55 26 Dec 2007

I'd be very careful with your choices of MFD & Print Server.

Many low end printers need certain Windows APIs to work, these cannot be accessed by the print server, so the printer won't work.

Also, very few print servers will allow you to scan across a network, as the twain interface used by most consumer scanners requires a direct connection with the scanner.

If network scanning in a priority you will need something like this click here but it's a seriously expensive bit of kit - click here

  acfc 18:27 26 Dec 2007

I was looking to be able to use the printer & scanner across the netwrk but the cost of a professional unit like AXIS 70U is beyond me.

My main criteria was for scanning old photos to produce albums and being able to print from any PC without my main PC being on.

From the information from Kemistri & MCE2K5 I have a choice of connecting my HP 950C via a print server and buying a decent USB scanner ~ or a network MFD which was my initial idea.

Looking at the list provided by MCE2K5 the MFD does look like a very good choice bt there's a wide range of prices for what look like very similar specs?

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