misleading prices

  bliksem 19:24 26 Aug 2003

Hi All,

I have been looking around for a new pc system and decided that had attractive prices. But on closer inspection they appear to be quoting one price and charging another. Let me elaborate.

Basically you can configure the system. I chose the components I wanted and finally needed to choose a monitor - the price for the system without the monitor came to £521ex vat. I chose a 17" Samsung TFT which was quoted in the drop down list as an extra £254 (a good price by any measure).

But after choosing that monitor the system total price jumped by £254 + £57 (both ex vat). And I wouldn't of noticed if I hadn't gone back and checked by removing and re-adding the monitor.

I feel this is VERY misleading and thought that everyone should know about it.


  Patr100 23:40 26 Aug 2003

Just tried it mayself

System £385 + vat

select 17in samsung TFT at 254

= 639 + VAT

Seems to be working OK.

  bliksem 06:59 27 Aug 2003

Thanks for trying. It seems to only be on the EVO system.


  -pops- 07:38 27 Aug 2003

What does the supplier say about this anomaly?

  Jester2K II 09:29 27 Aug 2003

Just tried the EVO as you said.

Was £460

Added the £254 TFT

Total Now £714

Now to me that is correct!?!?!

Sure, you didn't make a mistake then come running here shouting about "misleading prices" before double checking your own maths???

I feel YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE and thought that everyone should know about it.

  tenaka 09:34 27 Aug 2003

it may also have been a mistake. at the end of the day the website is going to have a table of figures, if one of these is out or the formula they use has an incorrect character, then a company's reputation is damaged (albeit in a small way) because you (bliksem) didn't get your facts straight first.

The internet can be a dangerous thing sometimes.

  Jester2K II 09:48 27 Aug 2003

I still can't make it go wrong - what was the spec you chose?

  bliksem 16:34 27 Aug 2003

Here are the options I chose. I have double checked and re checked and can confirm that when I choose the 17" Black/Silver Samsung TFT it doesn't add the £254 as shown but adds more.

P4 2.8
ATX Super MIDI Casse
512MB (2 X 256mb)
48x CD ReWriter and DVD COMBO
Geforce FX 5200 TV out & DVI
No Monitor
6Channel sound
10/100 Ethernet
No CD-writer
no keyboard
no mouse
2 satellite speakers & sub

left all other options as default

Price comes to £521ex vat

Now add Samsung 17" Black/silver TFT and it should add 254 onto ex vat price but instead it adds £311 ?????????

Please tell me Im not going mad as I would really like to buy this system.



  Jester2K II 17:00 27 Aug 2003

You get a reduction of £57 if you take the NO monitor option. However if you take the TFT you need to add £254 to your price.

The £254 is the UPGRADE price from the default monitor.

Basically you've taken £57 away to get the "No Monitor" price and then said it want the TFT. To get the correct Price you need to add back the £57 and then add the £254 to upgrade to the TFT.

Not very clear but i will test this further...

  Patr100 17:03 27 Aug 2003

When you choose "no monitor" you reduce by £57 from the baseline price - So when you add the TFT you have the additional cost plus what is required to bring it up to the baseline price ie: £254 + 57.

The additional amounts shown for upgrade are what you would pay above the baseline price.

  tomhealy 17:04 27 Aug 2003

I get the same but it is because when you select no monitor originally it subtracts £57 from the bill.

When you add the monitor you want it adds back that £57 and then adds the +£254 that it says.

Not exactly misleading but not exactly clear either

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