Nethighstreet computers

  snowy30 17:38 14 Jun 2003

I'm deeply considering buying one of Nethighstreet's computers, I have done for some time now, and I just wondering if anyone at all that has bought one of their computers is happy with their machine from Nethighstreet and their service overall? From what I read in PCA magazine and the respected awards Nethighstreet has received - one including from PCA - they are good quality products at an affordable price.

  tanzanite 19:28 14 Jun 2003

dont have any experience on them but there was a review this month in another Pc mag,didnt make it to top 50 but came short of an award.

  astra46 20:15 14 Jun 2003

I have a Mesh computer, and 2 of my friends have. They are good systems. Why not give them a try? I also have a 3 year onsite warranty.

  Andybear 20:33 14 Jun 2003

I agree, the Mesh systems are good - I bought one six months ago, on the recommendation of a friend. Unfortunately their technical support is useless. I now use this forum for technical support :-)

  sil_ver 21:33 14 Jun 2003

I remember reading something about this outfit fairly recently on one of the forums (can't remember which one but it might have been here or on the ComputerActive site) none of it was complimentary so unless they've cleaned up their act beware.

  shifty 10:34 16 Jun 2003

I purchased a power pro system from Nethighstreet around six months ago and its superb. Built to the spec I wanted, delivered with-in the ten days specified and worked like a dream from day one. Well suited. Three friends have also purchased similar systems and are all as impressed with the quality.

  Heckmotor 11:21 16 Jun 2003

Comments from Sil_ver and Shifty show just how inconsistent personal recommendations can be! We've had a Nethighstreet machine for six months after turning away from Evesham, who had been unforthcoming with help over a desktop motherboard problem outside the warranty period, and whose support for a faulty laptop had been pitiful, due, to a large extent, to their reliance on rubbish courier companies. Our Nethighstreet machine seems fine - delivered on time to the spec ordered, built from good components and competitively priced - but, as it's not broken down, we wouldn't know about the support side. Evesham, meanwhile, seem to be getting fulsome praise on a previous string, despite our completely negative experience.

  Leafy 19:48 16 Jun 2003

i bought a computer from nethighstreet in feb. it was cheaper than pcw with better and higher spec probs ordering over the net, it was delivered on get all relevant software(not piled onto one cd)plus you get a full copy of windows xp.its worked well with no probs since day 1.

  sil_ver 19:53 16 Jun 2003

I was only repeating comments I'd read regarding Nethighstreet. I make no recommendation one way or the other as, having no personal dealings with them, I'm not in a position to

  ellas 22:50 16 Jun 2003

I also have bought a computer from nethighstreet as has madboy33 and the machines seem well built and have had no problems,have not used there techinical support and hopefully wont have too.

  Turkey Tech 09:19 17 Jun 2003

I have an evesham system and can't fault it or their after sales service. I have also recommended evesham machines to many of my friends - all of whom have experienced no problems at all.

HeckMotor - if your only problems were that they wouldnt repair an out of warranty machine for free and you had problems with their couriers I think that you are making a bit of a mountain out of a mole hill.

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