Nethighstreet computers

  snowy30 17:38 14 Jun 2003

I'm deeply considering buying one of Nethighstreet's computers, I have done for some time now, and I just wondering if anyone at all that has bought one of their computers is happy with their machine from Nethighstreet and their service overall? From what I read in PCA magazine and the respected awards Nethighstreet has received - one including from PCA - they are good quality products at an affordable price.

  sil_ver 21:33 14 Jun 2003

I remember reading something about this outfit fairly recently on one of the forums (can't remember which one but it might have been here or on the ComputerActive site) none of it was complimentary so unless they've cleaned up their act beware.

  sil_ver 19:53 16 Jun 2003

I was only repeating comments I'd read regarding Nethighstreet. I make no recommendation one way or the other as, having no personal dealings with them, I'm not in a position to

  snowy30 17:54 17 Jun 2003

I appreciate your comments and your recommendations guys (Mesh and Evesham computers), but the answers I were looking for comes from those who have purchased Nethighstreet's computers - Shifty through to Ella - and they seems to be happy with what they've bought and Nethighstreet's service, and there isn't any bad points about them...........not yet anyway. :)
In that respect I will decide to buy one of their machines after all.

Thanks all!!

  snowy30 00:29 21 Jun 2003

Thanks Shifty! for that bit of info :) I was a bit concerned about the credit card details bit, but now seeing as they phones in response to the order.........

  britto 20:45 17 Jun 2005

click here

He got the computer within a week and asked me to set it up for him,it came well packaged (you have to save all original packing in case of returns)set up ok just had one problem the dvd drive was not secured needed to take side off and tighten the retaining screw (warrenty void?, no seal to break and could not face wrapping it all back up to return).Been running about a month now and he is well pleased with it.
For £500 click here I think it is a good buy he upgraded to a 17in tft and it came to £600 or just over and I think the upgrade was worth having.

  britto 20:49 17 Jun 2005

just noticed the date on this thread,ah well may want another one by now :-)

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