Netbooks - Windows 7?

  oldbeefer2 11:54 23 Aug 2009

I'm thinking of ditching my Dell laptop and getting a netbook (more convenient for travelling). Anyone know if those that are currently shipped with XP will have Windows 7 - if so, I will wait for that. Thanks.

  birdface 13:37 23 Aug 2009

Most new laptops will come with Vista or Xp installed with a free upgrade to Windows 7 at the end of October.
make sure that you get the free upgrade from whatever supplier that you are thinking of using.

  birdface 13:40 23 Aug 2009

Or buy one without an OS Amazon are still selling Windows 7 at £65 and with that you get the disc so handy if anything ever goes wrong.22nd October it is due to be released.

  oldbeefer2 13:46 23 Aug 2009

Good tips - thanks.

  iscanut 18:06 23 Aug 2009

Although you may have the Win 7 CD, don't forget that not all netbooks have a CD/DVD drive, so you will need to connect uyp to an external one possibly.

  oldbeefer2 20:43 23 Aug 2009

Yes, I've been thinking about that as I've other applications (like MS Office) to install. They don't seem too expensive, so not a show stopper.

  interzone55 09:23 24 Aug 2009

Just a small point before rushing off & ordering the full version of Windows 7 - Microsoft are going to release a stripped out version of Windows 7 for low power netbooks and laptops.

It may be wise to wait until the OS is launched in October to see what's available...

  yipkc 13:45 11 Oct 2009

One point here. As most netbooks are running windows xp instead of windows vista and only windows vista is eligible for windows 7 upgrade, wait till 23rd of October to buy your netbook.

  bremner 14:39 11 Oct 2009

The spec of most netbooks does not lend them to having Vista/Windows 7 as their O/S, hence why they currently come with XP or Linux.

The stripped out version of 7 as mentioned by alan14 is being introduced very much with netbooks in mind.

I would not be rushing to buy a full or upgrade version of 7 just yet.

  jaritch 16:47 11 Oct 2009

My wife has a notebook and all I did to load Office and any other programs was to copy them from the cd on my pc onto a flash drive and then install from there. a lot cheaper than an external dvd or cd drive.

  Pauldunstan 10:56 12 Oct 2009

Apparently you'll need to make the flash drive bootable to install windows 7 from it. I'm sure the helproom can give you more technical advice on how to do this.

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