netbooks and 2gb of RAM

  sunnystaines 20:25 14 Mar 2010

Does anyone know why netbooks can be upgraded to 2gb of RAM but microsoft restricts makers to just fitting 1gb of RAM. And also imposes a 2nd restriction of only shipping with w7 starter pack, when they will easily run on home premium.

I feel that for reasons i can't fathom out progress of netbooks is being held back.

anyone enlighten me please.

  tullie 20:28 14 Mar 2010

I have just fitted 2gb of ram to my netbook,instead of the 1gb that was installed from new.I dont understand why you say Microsoft restricts it.

  sunnystaines 21:34 14 Mar 2010

I took the issue up with MSI and that is what they told me

  scotty 12:00 15 Mar 2010

Microsoft will only sell Starter to OEMs for use on netbooks that have a 10.2-in. or smaller screen, no more than 1GB of memory, a hard disk drive of 250GB or less (or a solid-state drive no larger than 64GB) and a single-core processor no faster than 2GHz.

tullie, there is nothing to stop you adding memory after you buy a netbook but M$ will only allow it to be sold with 1GB if it has Win7 starter installed.

sunnystaines, netbooks are cheap so M$ have to offer an OS which does not put too high a cost differential compared to netbooks with free operating systems. (Early netbooks gave a hugh boost to linux). They want to retain higher prices for selling Win7 on other pcs. The restrictions are intended to maintain a clear distinction between netbooks and other pcs.

I find it hard to believe that they get away with this.

  sunnystaines 16:03 15 Mar 2010

thanks for the above MS sound out of order, surprised the makers have not got together and put pressure on MS

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